Best Indie Games out There

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wasn't really into indie till i had a chance to play Broforce with my friends and it was AWESOMEE .. also tried out HotLine miami which was also amazing and now i am really getting to like indie stuff .. so what are some really good ones ?

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To The Moon
these are my favorites.

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The Swapper

The Binding of Isaac

Rogue Legacy





Don't Starve

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The Swapper

Frozen Synapse



World of Goo


Super Meat Boy



Minecraft (probably the most significant)

Mark of the Ninja (kinda)

Amnesia: The Dark Descent


Trine 2

Battleblock Theater

Castle Crashers

Hotline Miami


Rogue Legacy

FTL: Faster than Light

Defense Grid: The Awakening


Monaco: What's yours is mine


I'm sure there are more of my favourites that I am missing, but that's all I can think of.

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Papers, Please is a great indie game. Journey is great as well, but it's only for the PS3

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Pretty much everything suggested here. If you like walking sims then try out stanley parable. wait for sale though before you buy this game.

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Gemini Rue

the Swapper

the Cat Lady



STASIS (not released)

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Indies are always great fun! Try out "THE FALL" its a newer indie game, and its a really cool combination between limbo and dead space!

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Rogue legacy is amazing as others have mentioned, and although I haven't played them I hear really good things about spelunky, binding of issac and risk of rain if you're into rogue likes.

If you're into old school platformers Volgar the Viking is a great game, also oniken is a pretty cool game that could have been done on the original nes. There is no shortage of good indie platformers though, you could also try giana sisters, mutant muds deluxe, super meat boy, tiny barbarian dx, and angry video game nerd adventures

If you like metroidvania type games valdis:abyssal city is probably my favorite, guacamelee is a great game and castlevania mirrors of fate was very good also, though it does not play like your traditional castlevania, and shantae: riskys revenge is a great game also

If you like diablo style games, the torchlight series(especially 2) are great games as is the adventures of van hellsing

there are tons more but those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head

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Does it have Co-Op ?

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Super brothers (extremely underrated)


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@Lulu_Lulu said:


Does it have Co-Op ?

Nah, why would it have Co-Op? lol

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Because Lulu love co-op... :p.

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Speaking of Co-Op, I forgot about Towerfall Ascension.

Game is mad fun. But I'd put Battleblock Theater and Monaco over it, by just a hair.