Best Graphics on PS2...or best looking PS2 games

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#1 Posted by superbeast1370 (89 posts) -

does anyone know any PS2 game with great graphics besides these? 2D (Odin Sphere) or 3D? if you do post them up. cutscenes do not count unless they're in-game graphics

Metal Gear Solid 3



snake smoking

Silent Hill 3


heather and thing

Zone of The Enders: The 2nd Runner



Shadow of The Colossus


colossi 2

God of War II


#2 Posted by -shinobi904- (24 posts) -
to bad cutscenes don't count..I absolutely loved FFXII cutscenes.
#3 Posted by jasonharris48 (21441 posts) -
IMO MGS3, FFXII, and God of War 2 were the best looking PS2 titles
#4 Posted by jedinat (3560 posts) -
They look awesome in those tiny little shots. Too bad they aren't a realistic representation of actual gameplay. I don't think anyone plays on tiny little LCD screens--the quality is somewhat lost when you strech it out over a 46" HD LCD screen.
#5 Posted by manicfoot (2625 posts) -
I'd say MGS3 or GT4... RE4 is good too though its not as good as the GC version.
#6 Posted by beefdog (9176 posts) -
To me, Re4 is the best looking ps2 game. And gt 4.
#7 Posted by Liquify (1029 posts) -
FFXII & MGS3. The PS2 is quite a remarkable system, being able to have such a long life span and still produce games with respectable graphics even by todays standards.
#8 Posted by preitje (154 posts) -
okami ofcourse
#9 Posted by PannaMajick (4 posts) -

I think Final Fantasy XII, Soul Nomad & the World Eaters (for a 2-D sprite world), Shin Megami Tensei - Persona 3 (awesome, stylishly artful characters, and I loved the anime cutscenes) and I would definitely put Dynasty/Samurai Warriors in there somewhere.

Then again, in a hack-'n-slash, what else can you put into a game?

A billion Characters, creation mode, story mode, weapons, outrageous kill counts...

Oh yeah, make the graphics top-notch, since that's all we can really do...

Sorry, a little off-topic.

#10 Posted by Naikori (565 posts) -
Final Fantasy 12, Resident Evil 4, and Devil May Cry 4 looked great. And to think that the PS2 could put up such great graphics for these games.
#11 Posted by willxcool (2038 posts) -
re4, valkry profile 2, dark cloud2, dragon quest8, killzone
#12 Posted by vashkey (33718 posts) -
Shadow of the Colossus, Zone of the Enders: The Second Runner, Final Fantasy XII, Metal Gear Solid 3, Metal Gear Solid 2, Resident Evil 4, God of War, God of War 2, Okami, Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3
#13 Posted by project-exile (904 posts) -
Final fantasy 12 had execellent graphics even though I did not like the game much. The cgi scenes where breath taking.
#14 Posted by EmptySki (3700 posts) -
The God of War games, Black has some good graphics as well, mgs2 and mgs3 are awesome and silent hill 3. I never played FF12 so i wouldn't know.
#15 Posted by Devourment423 (2163 posts) -
#16 Posted by keyransolo (95 posts) -
I have to go with MGS3 and Resident Evil 4.
#17 Posted by Funkyhamster (17366 posts) -
MGS2 is the best looking in my opinion.
#18 Posted by ArmoredCore55 (23821 posts) -
I'd say Armored Core and Metal Gear Solid are the best looking games to me.
#19 Posted by superbeast1370 (89 posts) -
seems like alot of people liked FFXII. I digged the artstyle, but it seemed...a little dated especially compared with other great RPGs (example: Valkyrie Profile 2)
#20 Posted by kyacat (4044 posts) -

Silent hill 3

Tomb raider legend

Tomb raider anniversary

final fantasy XII

devil may cry 1

#21 Posted by Kage1 (6730 posts) -
Black, Tekken 5, and Gran Turismo 4.
#22 Posted by Ravirr (7931 posts) -
Valkyrie Profile 2
#23 Posted by xXXGODFATHAXXx (157 posts) -
IMO The Getway 1 was the game with best graphics, i mean for a ps2 it had pretty realistic faces and character models.
#24 Posted by slimdave21 (2646 posts) -
God Of War 2
#25 Posted by DeafNYCPlayer (2307 posts) -
MGS 2-3, Final Fantasy X, Tekken 5
#28 Posted by MGSFan92 (1525 posts) -

I have to say

Resident Evil 4

Silent Hill 3

Metal Gear Solid: 3

Final Fantasy XII

God of War II

Valkyrie Profile 2

Shadow of the Colossus

and Metal Gear Solid 2

#29 Posted by gormo4 (5401 posts) -

Hey, are we talking about cut scenes or gameplay here?

FFX and FFXII were good for cut scenes and gameplay wasn't bad

MGS3 had amazing gameplay graphics but cutscenes looked quite similar.

#30 Posted by Alter_Echo (10722 posts) -
Probably a tie between GoW 2 and MGS 3.
#31 Posted by gormo4 (5401 posts) -

MGS 2-3, Final Fantasy X, Tekken 5DeafNYCPlayer

tekken 5? eh...

#32 Posted by dracula_15 (10 posts) -

Silent Hill 3

Devil May Cry 3

Resident Evil 4

They look pretty awesome

#33 Posted by Uzunoff (43 posts) -
Dragon Quest VIII. It was amazing. Art direction is more important than realism in gaming to me.
#34 Posted by klidron02 (454 posts) -
Resident Evil 4, Silent Hill 3, MGS2-3, Gran Turismo 3-4
#35 Posted by Kage1 (6730 posts) -

[QUOTE="DeafNYCPlayer"]MGS 2-3, Final Fantasy X, Tekken 5gormo4

tekken 5? eh...

Tekken 5 supports progressive scan. 420P. Looks great too me on my PS2 using Component cables on my HDTV.
#36 Posted by go-cizmek (1782 posts) -
MGS 2 & MGS 3. Never seen better graphics than that.
#37 Posted by BFKZ (1679 posts) -
I thought we were talking about PS2...people are jumping to Ps3 games....Mine is RE4
#38 Posted by SAWX44 (2 posts) -
. i think killzone is the best looking game for ps2 that ive played anyway. good choice
#39 Posted by bigM10231 (11240 posts) -

tourist trophy and gt4 win automatically because they make the ps2 produce 1080i HD

#40 Posted by gandaf007 (892 posts) -

Idk why, but I loved Sly Cooper 3 graphics a lot, more than anything else really...

#41 Posted by sieg6529 (1567 posts) -
okami ofcoursepreitje
agreed. I found it more visually appealling than most games on current-gen systems.
#42 Posted by lars_KdDo (111 posts) -

MGS2, the tanker level still looks impressive

#43 Posted by gamengineer (51 posts) -
God Of War series Resident Evil 4 FF XII Shadow of the Colossus GT4 TEKKEN 5 Devil May Cry 3 MGS 3 KillZone Black Kingdom Hearts 2 Onimusha 3 Shin Megami Tensei 3 and 4 to put it in short. The list is endless....PS2 is flawless
#44 Posted by Stinger78 (5826 posts) -

Gran Turismo 4 or Tourist Trophy in 1080i format.

#45 Posted by Stinger78 (5826 posts) -

[QUOTE="DeafNYCPlayer"]MGS 2-3, Final Fantasy X, Tekken 5Kage1

tekken 5? eh...

Tekken 5 supports progressive scan. 420P. Looks great too me on my PS2 using Component cables on my HDTV.

Progressive mode usually implies 480P (720x480) versus 480i (640x480).
#46 Posted by bigM10231 (11240 posts) -
#47 Posted by oscar_mateo (692 posts) -

For me the best looking are:

1. Metal Gear Solid 3

2. God of War 2

3. Resident Evil 4

4. Devil May Cry 3.

#48 Posted by dragonfly110 (27058 posts) -

Final Fantasy X comes to mind:

#49 Posted by bigM10231 (11240 posts) -

Final Fantasy X comes to mind:


it looks so good that its just 2 generations of game consoles to real

#50 Posted by hakanakumono (27455 posts) -

Siren 2 looks amazing. I can't really find any high quality screens or good videos to screencap of it though.