Best games to help you sleep?

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I have insomnia, I can't stop thinking about shit when I go to bed. I have heard that Tetris is one game that was scientifically proven to help you sleep if you played it 15 minutes or so before bed. Does anyone else have any recommendations on games they think are helpful to get you relaxed and in the right mindset for bed?

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Know the feeling but have you considered dealing with what ever is keeping you awake instead of trying to use games?

Anyways no idea what games is good for winding down, never had to use it for that, but perhaps a game like Gone home or Dear Esther, just thinking about those kinda makes me tired :D

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I've honestly never seen a game that made me sleepy in any way. The interactive nature of games means they are typically engaging parts of your brain, so I can't see how they would aid your battle with insomnia. But, I guess if it distracted you from whatever is running through your mind, it might help. But if that were the case, any game would do.

What I do when I'm trying to sleep and having trouble shutting off my brain is watch movies or television shows I've seen multiple times. I have a few movies I've watched enough that they are all but committed to memory. This allows me to focus on something other than the thoughts racing through my head, but since I know what's going to happen in every scene I don't focus on it so much that it keeps me engaged. It usually works, for me anyway. And when it doesn't, I have a bottle of Xanax. Maybe share this problem with your doctor or get a sleep aid like Advil PM or something?

I hope you find something to help.

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gaba, 5-htp, valerian/chamomile root powder, L-dopa, l-tryptophan, zma/melatonin combo plus morrowind.

I've woken up way too many times with the screen on the same text page I last remember reading, lol.

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Scotch or red wine? Also don't play hotline Miami, that shit will keep you awake for hours

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Skyrim. Great game but after clearing a dungeon or two, you'll definitely feel the need to take a snooze in real life. The ambient music is also very calming for the most part.

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Try some alcohol, or maybe some smoke :)

That should ease your suffering. I have insomnia too, it seems like the only thing that helps me sleep when I'm having a really hard time is to smoke.

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Doom 3!

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Last month, playing Eclipse War or Ragnarok results in me sleeping in front of my PC. This month, I find playing Unchained Blades on PSP lulls me to sleep faster.

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Bejeweled 3 has Zen Mode, which can supposedly help you to relax and fall asleep. But generally speaking, games are probably not something you should be playing before bedtime as it is a mostly stimulating activity. Try reading, deep-breathing, light yoga, natural supplements, and laying off caffeine/alcohol/nicotine before bed first, and if that doesn't work, it may be time to visit your doctor.

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Anything by Rockstar should do the trick.

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No visual stimulus within an hour of going to bed. Melatonin also helps get you to sleep. Vigorous exercise and a hot shower will also help. No game will help you get to sleep, at least not a healthy slumber.

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Games will just keep you up, no such thing as a game that helps you sleep.

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lol, besides being just foolishly incorrect is there anything else you'd like to say doesn't work for each individual person?

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999 put me to sleep on more than one occasion.

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@amekhov said:

Games will just keep you up, no such thing as a game that helps you sleep.

I guess you've never played Oblivion/Skyrim ?

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Okami always makes me sleepy. Not sure why.

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I can never sleep when I haven't done enough both mentally and physically during the day, other than trying to wear yourself out: No TV or games 30 mins before bed. Read a book. Keep the environment dark, cool and quiet. Do an A-Z of animal names or keep your eyes open until they force shut.

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Games are to be avoided when trying to go to sleep, as they favor the production of dopamine in the brain, which keeps you more alert and awake. When trying to sleep, it is best to engage in passive activities which "turn your brain off", so to speak. I personally advise searching youtube for "white noise" and finding the one that works for you and helps you sleep.

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Any game thats overly repetitious might help you sleep. They make me drowsy after sometime (Dynasty Warriors, Diablo 3)

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Sounds like you carry too much stress, dude... You want help sleeping, get some regular exercise. Exercise fixes almost everything.

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CSGO dont know, but that game make me feel so comfort to sleep lol

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best I can think of is professor Layton. The game consists of reading through dialogue that isn't too exciting, and solving puzzles while listening to repetitive but soothing music. Unless you get excited easily by the simplest of mysteries.

And there's always animal crossing. Going on fishing streaks will always get me in a relaxing mood.

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I find and give gifts to my adopted daughter in Skyrim and also practice enchanting and alchemy. In addition, I am working on collecting enough gold to buy another house. I am thinking about the one in Solitude after I become Thane of that hold. After a while, I turn off my television and it is lights out.