Best game of this gen?

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Since a lot of good games have come out in the past few weeks and months, I wanted to see what everyone thought was the best game of this gen.

I don't want to put a poll, because there are too many games/people will get angry if I don't include their game. Anyways, for me, my favorite game has to be either Borderlands or Halo 4 (I know it sounds fanboy-ish, but it truly is an amazing game). Red Dead Redemption was also a magnificent game, and both of the Batman (AC and AA) games were good.

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Metal Gear Solid 4.


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It's not really a contest. Demon's Souls, duh... :cool:

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Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Perfected the Platforming genre)
Batman Arkham City

I didn't include collections because if I did I would've picked either

The Orange Box
Metroid Prime Trilogy
Rockstar Games Collection Edition 1

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I updated the OP a little.

Continuing on from my first post, western RPG's like Red Dead Redemption really made an impact in the industry. Borderlands was a great, fresh game, but while the sequel was a little disappointing, the WRPG genre is rising.

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It's not really a contest. Demon's Souls, duh... :cool:



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Uncharted 2 or Dark Souls for me

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There's already a thread on this.