Best free online MMORPGS/FPS games?

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I was just wondering which free online shooters are the best/best rated. I went on a search myself and there are mixed reviews. I understand that it might be difficult to find online games which don't require real cash for a much better advantage over other players but well... I used to play Wolfteam, great concept and all but I'm looking for an FPS which will step up another level. Also, there were too many cashers in WT - which made it impossible for me to play to my greatest potential. About the search, I found some interesting games such as Tribes: Ascend, Blacklight Retribution and PlanetSide 2. It would be great not only to tell me which is the best out of the 3 but also to advise me on potentially better games. Thanks in advance and looking forward to personal opinions, experiences and answers ;) ( Oh, and don't say Team Fortress, already have it :P )
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Hey zArcane. You may or may not come back to look at this reply but i'll help you out anyways. The best Free MMOFPS right now is easily PlanetSide 2. The game requires a pretty decent computer to run it though, because of the thousands of players playing at once. So if you can't handle PlanetSide 2 then maybe try out World of Tanks (with tanks, but still FPS) and Ghost Recon Online. If you're looking for a great list of Free MMOFPS check this:

Enjoy! And if you do play PlanetSide 2 let me know and we can squad up.

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Definitely Planetside 2 if your CPU can handle it.