Best Dragon Ball Z game?

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#1 Posted by nVidiaGaMer (7793 posts) -
I think that Budokai Tenkaichi is a good game. Any other DBZ games that are good for the PS2 or PS1? This is the only one I have.
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dragon ball tenkaichi 3 is the best of all i think
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The original Tenkaichi and Budokai 3 are the best DBZ games, imo.
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burst limit > budokai 3 > budokai 2 > budokai > tenkaichi series > dbz sagas
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It's not for the PS1 or PS2, but Legend of the Super Saiyan for the SNES was an awesome RPG in the DBZ universe.
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The Legacy of Goku
and an old one I played on an emulator for Sega Genesis (it was in Jap tho)
Burst Limit looks promising though not amazing

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Dragon Ball: Final Bout :lol:
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budokai 3 is the best so far. I didn't enjoy the over the shoulder view as much.
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Dragon Ball: Final Bout :lol:Master_Saibot

Is this serious because the reviews don't seem so good?

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Dragonball BT2 is my favorite DBZ fighter and I have played: All Budokai, All BT games, Saiyan Saga, and I think the one was called Super Dragonball or something, and DBZ GT Final Bout.

BT2 has free roam, shiny graphics, awesome Z item customization, a bunch of characters, big battlefields, easy combo's, awesome finish move animations!!

BT3 was a step down from BT2, they added in some awesome new combo's and gave you that killer lightning attack where you can drive your foe into the ground BUT!!! They stripped out the Finish Move Animations, and most importantly they BROKE rushes. I love to use X to fly after people and start new combo's(not a dragon rush, just a normal rush) and in BT3 if you just do a normal rush and your opponent is above or below you you just fly straight ahead and MISS them completely. THats unforgivable. They also stripped out free roam. The Z item customization was also a downgrade. Nothing in this game was improved except maybe an extra stupid character nobody cares about.

Budokai 3. These are your traditional 2d fighers. They introduced killer finish move animations. They have cool minigame fights in certain circumstances. The combo's and special moves are hard to pull off though. Atleast alot harder than in BT games wherey ou just press a button and a direction to do a move. Other than that yeah the game is cool and would be my #1 pick if it wasnt for BT2.

DBZ GT Final Bout had something none of the others have. A cool power-up mode where you earn Battle Power/Points by fighting people which increases your health and stats(which are invisable). The crappy part was the only place you could use these characters that you power up was against other humans or in the power up mode. Its not like you could use them in other area's of the game which sucks. I always wanted the newer DBZ games to have an Experience system or something like it. Z-items are kind of a crappy replacement.

Saga and Super DBZ are pure crap and dont have anything to offer.

Nope if you know anything about what the hell your talking about then there is only one right answer and its DBZ BT2. And I will tell you something else. Burst Limit is the sequel to the Budokai series and it will probably be great but I dont think it will compare to BT2. And If they ever make a BT4 or a sequel to the BT series then that game will be hella sick(if they fix what they broke in BT3 hehehe).
Now what people really need is some god damn intuition from the developers. We NEED a DBZ game where you get to make your own fighter(human,namek,saiyan, other alien?) and an ORIGINAL story. I want the character you make and who you can customize from their looks to their techniques, to their combo's to go from planet to planet and make good/evil decisions and help defend or destroy/ensalve the planets. At the end of the game you will either be the galaxies savior or worst nightmare. Now preferrably I would want this game to use the BT engine but whatever.

As you fight you earn zenny or whatever that you can use to unlock maybe new bodies, new costume pieces, new moves, new combos, new planets, new voices. Atari and the DBZ dev teams seem content to spam us with the same old crap though year in and year out.

Anyways.... BT2 > any other. As far as overall fighting game its #2 on my list right under Soul Calibur and before #3 MK

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Abbandon you have some great ideas, that would absolutely kick ass!
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I know =P
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The most epic Dragonball Game of all time has to be Dragonball Hyperdimension.

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I think that Budokai Tenkaichi is a good game. Any other DBZ games that are good for the PS2 or PS1? This is the only one I have.nVidiaGaMer
dude you should get budokai 3 or infinite world, its waaaay better than dbz bt series. i was surprise when i first played budokai 3. it's a very solid fighting game with good graphics. among the tenkaichi series, i like dbz bt 2. its alot better than bt3 (and of course bt 1). the special attacks looks much better than bt1 and 3. and the combos and attacks are easy to pull off. there's a trilogy pack if you want to grab a copy of dbz.. the ps1 doesnt have any good dbz games. but there is one that i like, even if the gameplay is really repetitive. its called dbz legends. i like the presentation of the game. its like your watching the anime! the special attacks are the only reason i play this game (its really insane). and the graphics are not that bad either. on the snes, theres a couple of decent dbz games but dbz hyper dimension really stood out. the gameplay is really outstanding and way advance during its time. if youve played this game you will notice some of the gameplays was being adopted to budokai and super dbz. the only bad thing about this game is the short number of characters and the controls are sometimes not responsive but still forgiveable.
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I had a Legacy of Goku game (1 or 2 im not sure) for the GBA it was ok but the only other DBZ game I've played is Burst Limit on 360 and it is absolutely fantastic I love it like crazy :D I was very pleasantly surprised!

I want to get Dragon Ball Advanced Adventure for GBA its quite hard to find though what are your opinions on it?

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Dragonball z budokai tenkaichi 3 and dbz budokai three are the best. Though I never owned budokai 3 I heard it was the best of the 2d fighters. tenkaichi three had a worse campaign/story mode than 2 but had alot more characters.

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dragon ball z sagas is a terrible game
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You dumbed a 4 year old topic with your first post just to say that? Anyway, I might as well answer the topic twhile I'm at it: For me: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 Budokai 3 Super Dragon Ball Z Legacy of Goku II Buu's Fury are the best
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lol wow so the dead can be resurrected, at least this thread did :p

But to answer the question, my favorite would be Budakai Tenkaichi 3 on the PS2. Love the massive character roster!

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The best one I played was the original Budokai. It may not have had the most characters to choose from, but it felt the most like the actual DBZ series to me out of the Budokai series, IMO. The graphics and the style of the cutscenes made me feel like I was actually playing through the major DBZ storylines. And unlike the PS1 titles before it, it was actually fun to play.

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Tenkiachi 3 is the best hands down. Tenkaichi 3 has the most characters, the most game modes, and the best combat system of every DBZ game ever created. Tenkaichi 1 and 2 are nowhere as good as 3. But if you have 1 and 2 you can use those discs to unlock secret game modes in 3. This generation DBZ games don't even compare to T3.

Budokai 3 is really good too. It's fighting system is more like street fighter, but better IMO. The story mode is really cool too.

Both are on ps2.

On GBA get Legacy of Goku 2 and Buu's Fury + GT.

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ESF Mod (half life) But a proper release , dbz ultimate battle 22
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Dragon Power on NES

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The only one i've ever really played is Supersonic Warrior for GBA, but it was a fun game.

#25 Posted by Dudersaper (32950 posts) -

Dragon Power on NES

yeee man that was fun. Always forget about it though.
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legacy of goku II