Bat Vehicles in next Batman Arkham game?

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What are the chances that the next Arkham game will have vehicle? One thing popular about Batman's arsenal of gadgets were his vehicles. What do you think the game play will be like if the next Batman Arkham open-world game will have a bat mobile? What vehicles would you like to see in the game? I personally think a Batpod would be a nice touch to the gothic dark world of Arkham and Gotham, we can lose the bat mobile and keep the Batpod. Imagine riding through the street real fast and grappling off the bike throwing yourself into the air. Or a Batpod Takedown move. That would be awesome!
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Take everything already good about that Batman series and add Batman's vehicles with the ability to free roam, along with a city scale comparable to GTA. That's some damn fine gaming.

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I think Arkham City left the series in a good spot. Any more would just be milking it. I'm surprised they even revisited Arkham in the first place.

I'd personally be more interested in them doing another DC character next.