AtGames Sega Genesis Classic Console

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This looks interesting and inviting for retro gamers, such as myself. Wireless controllers look good too, as well as compatibility with Genesis's cartridges. 80 built in classics, but what I'm wondering is if it properly emulates as fast/smoothly as the original hardware. Have any of you tried it yet? The link to the system is below.

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This review helped me decide to get one:

The local Dollar General store, and offer them for the regular price of $40. - I got one on Tuesday for the 'pre-black friday' $28.

On Thursday, the 22nd, DG is supposed to be having the portable version of it (that lets you use an SD card), along with the Atari Flashback 4 for only $25 each. The portable is the same system, minus a 2nd controller option and cart slot, but I think the SD card and TV-out option (with the right cable) make up for that.

There are 40 actual sega games and 40 'other' mini / clone type games built in, and at least with the cart slot - and very high compatibility, it's easy to overlook any slight variation it has with sound.

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Thanks for the help. So there isn't really any issues at all? Everything runs at full speed?

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I've seen these at Walgreens for $40.

Not sure why you'd want to pay that much for a cheap knock-off, though. You can get a real Genesis for $20-$30. And most of the games are dirt cheap to collect. Even some of the most popular ones like the Sonic the Hedgehog games and Golden Axe games.

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can you put original cartridges in it?

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can you put original cartridges in it?

ever mind got further in the video answered my own question
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