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Who do you like better, Altair or Etzio? Tell why.

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Its spelled EZIO. Not ETZIO. Stupid geek....... Anyway, I like Ezio better. He just seems to have more character to him and he seems more organic than Altair.
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Who do you like better, Altair or Etzio? Tell why.


Altair for me.

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Obviously Ezio. Even though I have a feeling Altair could kick Ezio's backside in a fight Ezio is a very well rounded character, while Altair is just a badass in a hood.

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Altair is much more of a cold, clinical character. Some may consider him a true assassin. However, with Ezio, we have watched him grow, he plays the much more emotional part. They are both two contrasting characters. My favorite is Ezio. He does seem more 'Human', and injects a great deal of humor into the franchise. Although we shouldn't forget that as a non-playable character in Revelations, we see how Altair has matured and grown wise - a long journey from his former self.
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I think Altair is a much cooler character, but Ezio makes for much better AMVs.

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Altair will always be number one.....