Assassin's Creed III MP "LIMITED MODE"

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So yesterday I bought AC3 on steam as it was on sale, I installed you play and entered my code. I am now a proud owner of the game Assassin's Creed III. (I also bought AC2 but that isn't important) I haven't tried to play the SP yet but I can only assume it works as I played AC2 just before. I tried to play the MP due to my friend wanting me to play with him. It also looks like really great fun. I clicked multiplayer and it launched and loaded but after about 10 seconds of "Searching For Updates" and "Connecting to Abstergo Animi- OR SOME CRAP" It tells me that it cannot connect to Ubisoft and that I am to be put into "Limited Mode".

This Is a List of All the things I have tried due to instinct and research:

- A fresh reinstall of the game

- Updating UPlay

- Allowing it through my firewall

- Disabling my antivirus (COMODO)

- Running Uplay And AC3 as admin

- Setting UPlay and AC3 to "Run as administrator"

- Allowing the AC3 and Ubisoft ports

- Cleared my "Hosts" fillike support told me

- Checked the servers are up (THEY ARE)

This is extremely frustrating becuase I really want to play multiplayer with my friend because it is effectively half the game ruined If this doesn't work!

Thanks In Advance - Ryan

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I really wish I could help you out man, I wish you the best of luck<3

Ps. Have you contacted Ubisoft directly? I've heard there customer service is great ^^

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@IncisionX: I haven't contacted them, no. But I have looked at their support page and it it was farly bad to be fair.. And thanks :)

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That's precisely why I hate PC gaming. With console gaming, it just works, unless XBL/PSN is down, or there's a problem with the Ubi servers.

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@El_Zo1212o: But with console gaming you miss out on mods, graphics that aren't vomit, easy recording, better fps and a nicer community that isn't filled to the brim with small squeaky kids who think they are trolls... :)

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Sorry But.... BUMP