Are games becoming more emotional? Seems games thrive that realistic feeling

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Just doing some research for my dissertation and just wondering how people feel on this subject?
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Games are definitely getting better at inducing emotion in the player, but it seems that video games in general have a long way to go in terms of writing that can really exploit that.
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yes but they suck.

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Play Heavy Rain on the PS3. Most emotional game I've ever played.
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Research hey ? Any in Tom Bissel's Extra Lives book he suggests that games are infact getting better at emotional content but as this happens interacting with the game actualy gets worse or doesnt sync up with the story, and I firmly agree. You can't have a good story and a good game play simultaneously I believe he called it "Ludo-Narrative Dissonance". Can Any one name a game that overcame this problem ?
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A handful of rare gems this gen.

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3 games you can't miss if you're looking for examples of strong emotion-oriented videogames: Yakuza 3 (and 4), Metal Gear Solid 4 and Heavy Rain
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It's very rare, and most games try too hard to create a story that reaches an audience in that way.

I feel like video games try too hard to mimic cinema in this regard; video games have more potential than movies in the way of storytelling but it hasn't been fully realized yet. Some games do put story ahead of all else, but it isn't often a game blends story and gameplay in any seamless way.

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If "I pwned the noob!!!" is an emotion, then absolutely.

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There are only 2 games that made me feel any type of emotion. Nier and Lost Odyssey were it.

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I just finished Telltales The Walking Dead and the last installment was pretty emotional and a great game . They threw some great writing and great situations at you .
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I'd say no, I got the most emotion out of reading :P and since may games now like to invoke emotion with a cutscene with some splosions and blood and guns I normally don't really care :P Unless I'm really really REALLY >:O invested into the story. But even then the game still is horrid generally xD
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Games are slowly maturing; Triple A games are starting to slowly wisen up. Happens with all forms of media and art; games are still in the same place was like film during the Silent Film era.
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Yea, I think so. Before five or six years ago, I rarely associated gaming with any emotions other than accomplishment and pride. Nowadays there's games that cause me to think about the implications of their stories and feel a sense of sadness at the lost of the NPCs in the game. There were games before then that could do the same thing, like Shadow of the Colossus, but those experiences seemed few and far between back then. Many modern games like Red Dead Redemption, Heavy Rain, The Walking Dead, Spec Ops The Line, Bastion, Braid, Capsized, and The Darkness 2, make me feel all sorts of emotions like rage, melancholy, sadness, empathy, regret, satisfaction, pride, and sympathy.
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Cheers for the book, I will give that a read. No i cant think of a game whats overcame that problem to be honest :/
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Those stating these games like Heavy Rain and Lost Odyssey Why do you personally feel emotional attached? is it the story? is it the characters there selves? Is it the mechanics? Camera angles? The actual animation of the characters? I mean I'm sure you all agree if a characters animations are bad in a cut scenes you think "Argh! Well thats killed the immersion and emotional attachment". Are cut scenes improving in games? Are they more compelling? Are they improving to try and beat the film industry? Sorry about taking so long to reply locked down with other projects busy busy busy! My advice is go University do rubbish for two years and then do really really well in final year you get so much work :O More than I expected :/
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Do you all believe video games should become more emotional? More realistic? I believe that games are heading towards realism in terms of graphics, animations, cinematography, special effects, music and story. I think all these subjects are improving, now improving is just something meaning that games are heading that way with years to come. I mean how do you all think about it overall? Sorry about all the questions just trying to dig out some extra research options and see how you all kind gamers feel about games in the modern day and the future :D
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Yes games have become very emotional but honestly Im not impressed. Alot of what transpires in all emotional video game stories happens because of what the creaters did not what the player did. Next time a protagonist gets overwelmed with heart felt emotions its not because you killed 50 fifty baddies, its because the creaters made him that way, videogame stories are passive, just like a book and a movie. Do you Final Fantasy emo turds Still enjoy being at the mercy of Square Enix huh ? Thats what I Thought !
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Play the Walking Dead game, if you don't feel some kind of sorrow after finishing it then you have no soul.