Anyone want a New Vigilante 8 installment on PS4

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I always loved the Vigilante 8 car combat series on the original playstation all 3 games V8, V8 2nd Offense, V8 Arcade. I think the Series needs reviving and not a arcade remake , It needs a PS4 installment with the same engine the old games had but of course better graphics more weapons and cars and a new story for new gen console. Any Opinions? I really miss this series best games from my teenage years and I hope game makers come across these forums (sorry iam new to this and hoped I posted in the correct place)

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Oh hell yes! $10- $15 downloadable new game in the series would be super cool. Spent so much time on the N64 version. :)

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@speedfreak48t5p: That's the only old game I can go back and play for a hour or two, and why there's not a new one beats me, there has to be other people who remembers how great Vigilante 8 was and easily could make a new one with online play and more stuff then the old ones, I never get on forums but I really miss some of the old school games badly that we're addicting especially a good car combat game Twisted Metal was good but the last one was disappointing the only one I disliked

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I played the crap out of this game on Dreamcast, I'd buy it day one if another one came out.

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When Vigilante 8 came out back in the day it blew my mind. The idea of being able to drive around a city destroying every building was mind-boggling to me. Great game.

They could get the guys who are making Next Car Game to work on a sequel.

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