Anyone know this old driving game?

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I was wondering (actually for quite some time) what some game was called that I played back years ago (around 2003-2005) a driving game where you drive some Dodge, I think it was (at least in the demo) I'm pretty sure it was just a demo I played. And you can get out of your car and walk around in 3rd person. Thats pretty much all I remember, I also remember you can choose whether you wanted to be a Woman or a Man.

It was about the only game I ever remember where you can actually get out of your car and walk around.

If anyone knows the name of this game that would be pretty awesome!


Edit: One other thing, I think you may have pulled a trailer behind your car/truck.

You had different tasks to do in town.

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The getting out of the car and walking around part sounds like Driver.

I'm not sure if you could choose to be male or female in that game though.

Do you remember what console it was for?

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@tonyx429: Oh, sorry I forgot to mention this was for PC. I don't know if it was on consoles or not.

I think the game was already on the pc when we first got it.

Also, it was a dodge ram truck you drove I'm pretty sure.

EDIT: I did a little diggin around and it looks like the game is called Ultimate Dodge Garage

but sadly I can't find it anywhere to download.

Oh well.

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I read it was a promotional game for the Dodge Durango and was only available on the Dodge website for a limited time. It will be very hard to find it for download anywhere :/

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@Black_Knight_00: Ah, thanks for the info. Well, it was a fun game while it lasted. :P