anyone know how to fix my scratched ps2 game

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#1 Posted by sydneyfcrules1 (153 posts) -

I bought gun for the ps2 a little while ago and i put it in my ps2 but all that comes up is please insert playstion or ps2 disk. I noticed it had quite a few scratches but nothing deep. Is there an easy way to fix this?

#2 Posted by bigM10231 (11240 posts) -

yes, take it to a place that buffs discs

#3 Posted by Flame_Blade88 (39348 posts) -
Look into a disc cleaner. They work very well.
#4 Posted by sydneyfcrules1 (153 posts) -

what places buff disks in australia?

#5 Posted by cropcircles (309 posts) -
most game stores buff discs for a small fee
#6 Posted by mariokart64fan (19348 posts) -

pawnshops do it , in the us im not sure bout your country but try them

#7 Posted by DevilBorg (810 posts) -
Buy a disk cleaner. That'll get it done.
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A Better Solution is To Copy the Game To Pc Then Burn To Dvd Because pc's dvd-rom Works Better Than Ps2 ... it's Not Illeagal Because You Are Making Backup ... But if You Want To Play Backup games You Must Have Moded Ps2 or Action Replay

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In Australia the main places that do it are like Blockbuster, Video Ezy.

#10 Posted by sydneyfcrules1 (153 posts) -

ill try video easy thanks.

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Since its a PS2 game, im sure you can buy it used pretty cheap at gamestop, and its probably cheaper then buying a cleaner.

#12 Posted by sydneyfcrules1 (153 posts) -

I live in australia there is no gamestop and I dont wont to keep having to buy the same ps2 game over again

#13 Posted by rawsavon (40002 posts) -

Look into a disc cleaner. They work very well.Flame_Blade88

I bought one years ago. A life saver when buying old used games.
It looked similar to this:


#14 Posted by the_review_dude (21 posts) -
Rub toothpaste on it, wait for 5 minutes, and wash of. Only takes care of small scratches.
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ive tried the toothpaste trick but it didn't do anything 4 me there not deep scratches just lots of small ones.

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just get your ps2 moded and buy pirated disk,here only for 1$........