Anybody like the N64? How bout this auction?

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#1 Posted by Heirren (18457 posts) -
I don't think ive ever seen anything like this.. Anybody want to break into his garage with me?
#2 Posted by Shenmue_Jehuty (5207 posts) -

Good God! I would pee myself if i ever came across any of those consoles in the wild in their brand new condition, especially the Pikachu models. Doubt he's going to get 65g for it, but holy crap is that awesome!

#3 Posted by Heirren (18457 posts) -
He just listed it very high. He states he's open to offers. Personally I'd just like to buy ONE new N64 from that lot. I see in the questions that he's already denied them, though. I might email him about it though.
#4 Posted by boz2478 (50 posts) -

Holy crap its like a fort made out of my favorite system evre made! O.O

#5 Posted by WitIsWisdom (3835 posts) -

A semi-professional listing, and several items listed for sale are items recently bought on the same account. I mean, its a cool collection and all but trying to pull the "my son died" card is in very bad taste. I find it VERY hard to believe that this seller isnt just another semi con artist trying to prey on those that are willing to believe just about anything they hear. With only 6 listings, this guy wouldn't have a clue how to make a post like that, AND on top of that you can tell it is a MERGED account because you can not sell things that expensive without FIRST building a reputation high enough for Ebay to accept the terms. So, on that note, I would be willing to bet that most of these items were bought by the person posting them at a fraction of the price he is trying to get for them. Cool collection? Yes. Worth $65k? No. Believe that the guy is selling off his sons collection because he died? No. If that DID happen.... then I am forever sorry, but I would say the chances are greater that if I die on bad terms, I can piss out the fires of hell... lol

#6 Posted by 2_Quiet_2_Riot (724 posts) -

Nice collection. But seems shady.

But what do I know, I've never bought anything on eBay. Just prefer Amazon and from Amazon because it's safe.

#7 Posted by Caseytappy (2167 posts) -

He changed the description about 6 times , took the whole thing down and put a new one up again .

Price is bullcrap he just is just fishing for offers on separate items , might as wel put everything separate up for sale with bin prices .

#8 Posted by Darkman2007 (17929 posts) -

insane, though someone will buy it.

#9 Posted by Rattlesnake_8 (18415 posts) -
Seems.. odd.. Why would anyone have all that? Factory seals? Where did he get them? Sure he might sell one or two, but he isn't going to make much from. Either its a scam or someone trying to brag about how much they have and wants to see what sort of attention it receives.
#10 Posted by Eikichi-Onizuka (8086 posts) -
Listing was ended by the seller.
#11 Posted by Nude_Dude (5371 posts) -
Anyone have 59K to spend? No? Well he's relisted it anyway...
#12 Posted by Heirren (18457 posts) -
Listing was ended by the seller.Eikichi-Onizuka
I wonder why. I sort of agree it looks shady, as if it's stolen merchandise.
#13 Posted by NinjaLegacy (189 posts) -

Imagine if those were all NES systems and controllers then it would legit be worth at least 65g's maybe more.

#14 Posted by mariokart64fan (19626 posts) -

its sold lol @ the buyer i personally think 400 per system was the way to go