Anybody Have All 3 Systems and Just Goes To System Wars to Laugh??

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Honestly...these people have to be the most biased, delusional fools i have ever witnessed. If some of them actually believe the stuff they say they really need to stop playing games....

Honestly...who cares what sold more systems, or which multi-platform game has better graphics...and reviews arent the supreme ruler of how a game is, .3 points doesnt make a game any better or just means the guy that reviewed happened to think it was...

None of these things matter in real life anyway.....

The only reason we have ridiculous fanboys is because they dont own the system they keep willing to bet they would gladly take the system they say is no good and would enjoy it...

I really think they should start worrying about real life things that effect there life, rather than the NDP numbers and how the Wii sold a million more than playstation did or whatever..... 

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Sometimes it seems the people there are only donig it for a laugh, I doubt most are serious when they are insulting each otherm though I am sure there are some uber fanboys out there on planet SW.
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I don't even go there at all.  I have no respect for the opinions of people who get so worked up over such an irrelevant topic, especially when it's just a bunch of random bickering with absolutely no basis for reasonable debate.


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System Wars is one funny place, I remember that was one of the first places that I went to when I first came to these boards, I was dying. It's ok to have a preference though. This gen and last, I have had both a PS2, and a PS3 as well as an Xbox, and a 360 and I have always preferred the Xbox platform. SW just takes it to another level. It's almost like they need to justify their purchase/future purchase.
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I have a 360 and Wii, and plan on getting a PS3 someday, seeing as it looks the best IMHO. But I don't even bother with System Wars. Nothing productive or meaningful ever comes out of there.
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No one game system is better then the other. I Like what each system brings to the gameing world and i plan on getting all 3, fun fun fun :D
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I don't go there, it's to spammy, although it is a good idea for a board, the community over there really isn't that good.
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Welcome to the boards...but this is the General Games Discussion board...not the "talk about how worthless System Wars is" board. ;)