any way to print off full cover art of games?

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hey, i just started using a website called, where you trade games with other users in the website's pre-paid envelopes. problem is, the envelopes can only fit game disc and instructions.

so you end up with a bunch of empty cases from games that you mailed off, and a bunch of games without cases that you received.

anyways, i notice that the slip that slips in side the game's case looks like the size of a regular piece of paper that i could print off. you know cover art, spine thing, and back art paper.

is there any way to find "images" of these online and print them off to fit inside the case?

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I guess you could use a really good scanner.


Duh I see my heads not all here today, being as you would need the cover to scan it sorry.

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thats a cool site and all, but it doesnt realy have new games. takes a month or two to get the right covers.

anyone else know of anything like it

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Don't sites like amazon have front and back scans of video game cases?
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Don't sites like amazon have front and back scans of video game cases?viewtiful26

Yeah, it's not the full scan though.

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others (formerly

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oh wow thanks a ton for all those links dude.

mega-search is the best that i looked at. its loaded with popups, but oh well. thanks.