[Android] Introducing the coming strategy game Rising Empires

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Hi, My name is Peter Norberg. My brother Johan and I would like to introduce you to our current game project, Rising Empires, that we have been working on for a bit more than one and a half year. Rising Empires is a civilisation building game with a focus on conflict: Rising Empires is a massive multiplayer turn-based strategy game in a fantasy setting intended for Android phones. The goal of Rising Empires is to expand and strengthen your empire by developing your cities and research new technologies. Six races with unique abilities struggle to survive on the Surface and deep in the caves of the Netherworld. There is a constant conflict for territory between empires as well as in between their demanding gods! A rich technology tree allows each player to mould his empire and troops to suit his playing style. All empires play in the same world and interact with each other.  The game has been designed for Android smart phones and we intend to release it on Google Play near the end of this year. Nina Olsson at Morgis Art & Design has helped us with all in-game graphics and Robin Chyo (Senior Concept Artist at Funzio) has created all race images:  If you're interested in Rising Empires and its development please support us by visiting our website or our Google+ page and +1 us. We write regular updates for Rising Empires and there is also a gallery with screenshots from the very beginning of the development. Cheers!
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This wednesday we did a major update of Rising Empires, adding the diplomatic system and an in-game tutorial:
  • Diplomacy It is now possible to create non-aggression pacts (NAP) with the AI controlled empires. Lots of factors influence how the AI respond to these proposals (or if they send one themselves). For example your race and religion is compared to their race and religion, have you recently burned down one of their watchtowers, do they have NAPs with other empires and much more. We are really interested to hear your comments about the diplomatic system and how the AI perform now that it will focus its efforts against a smaller amount of enemy empires instead of just lashing out in all directions
  • Tutorial The in-game tutorial will help new players get used to the interface and learn the basics of the game. Rising Empires is a relatively complex game and its not easy to jump right into it. We hope this new feature will help new players learn the game and find it more enjoyable.
Lots of smaller changes and additions has also been made, for example automatic terrain improvement for those that don't want this level of micro-management. Give the game a try and let us know what you think. It can be downloaded at Googe Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hellhound.empires Enjoy!
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Johan and I are currently working on the next update for Rising Empires and plan to release it on the 1st of July. In this update we'll add a number of new features, for example the new Military Academy building will be activated allowing emperors to recruit generals for their armies. A general gives a number of bonuses to the troops in his command, boosting their combat efficiancy and morale. Another new feature is that empires will be able to build settlers and militia from the races that they've conquered. The computer controlled empires have been able to do this for some time but now you can do it as well. This makes conquered towns and cities more useful. We also hope to improve the AI further and are focusing on making it able to defend itself better. Previously the AI have had problems with defending it's capital due to it being unable to change it's priorities once a project (task) has been assigned. Now we're giving the AI the ability to cancel a project worked on in a threatened settlement allowing it to focus on its own defence instead. We've come a bit forward on this work but there are still some circumstances where the AI fail to defend itself. If you want to give Rising Empires a try it can be downloaded on Google Play. If you want to know more or just keep up to date with the development of Rising Empires please check out our blog Words from the Netherlords.
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The new update of Rising Empires has now been available on Google Play for a couple of days and were awaiting the first comments about it. There are a lot of new features and improvements. For example its now possible to recruit commanders for your armies in cities with the Military Academy building and you can train militia and settlers from races that youve conquered. This will make conquered towns and cities more useful. We did also tweak the AI quite a lot and improved its defensive capability. If you've been playing Rising Empires before please let us know your thoughts on the new AI. Do you notice any difference? Is it better at defending itself? Has it ever left the cover of the high walls to hunt down your intruding armies? Im now preparing the code needed for training the AI. Each turns the AI evaluates a number of possible actions and selects those that gets the highest priority. These actions might be relatively simple, for example building a new patrol army, to quite advanced, for example using several settlements to create a big army that will be sent to the other level to capture an enemy city. The first one might take 1-2 turns while the other action could take 20+ turns... When training the AI well try to optimise how the AI sets its priorities. This is done by letting different versions of the AI play against itself. Im really looking forward to this!