An urgent question that needs more urgent answer !!

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#1 Posted by KiraGamer (61 posts) -

Hello :)

I have a little question about what this beautiful map Herobrine's return:

How to NPCs with a nickname? And how to change the loot monsters? (No mod and more!)

Thank you in advance :roll:

#2 Posted by wasaeem_13 (8 posts) -

Using commands (cheats) you can get a name above the villager doing the following:

  1. Get a Villager Spawn Egg (/gamemode 1 and locate to the Miscellaneous section.)
  2. Rename the spawn egg using an anvil and some experience.
  3. Now just spawn the villager using the egg.

    You'll only see the name when you look at the mob.

    Now if you don't get the Villager you want, just keep trying until you get the villager you want, while killing the extras off.

    Hope this helps :P