Ambrov X - A New Science Fiction RPG - on Kickstarter Now

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Ambrov X is an episodic role-playing video game set in the award-winning Sime~Gen Universe created by Jacqueline Lichtenberg and Jean Lorrah. The Ambrov X story is a multi-layered web of passion, intrigue and conflict. At its core stand you and your companion, Sime and Gen, bound by the life force that you give or take in an unending cycle. It is the story of how you and your companion confront impossible odds in a universe that may hate and fear you. The game places you on the Unity One, Earth's most advanced Starship, tasked with planting beacons which allow for FTL travel. However, in reality, you are on a covert mission to discover the truth behind Jumper 10 -- the ill-fated predecessor of the Unity One, which returned to Earth with only one crew member alive. While on this covert mission you discover an ancient alien space station, dormant for thousands of years. While the truth about Jumper 10 lies within the station, there is a greater truth that threatens to divide Sime and Gen -- potentially ending an alliance that has stood for over 350 years. Ambrov X is a 3D, single-player, action role-playing game. -- Ambrov X features meaningful and difficult decisions that truly alter the flow of story and quests. -- The game is Fully-Voiced with Cinematic Dialogue Scenes. -- Choose your gender and from the two human sub-species Sime and Gen. -- Choose from four unique classes: the Endowed, the Monk, the Agent and the Sentinel. -- Modify any armor piece or weapon in the game through a powerful modification crafting system. -- The game features a complex companion system that is lore appropriate and deep on story. -- The game will be released in 5 Episodes ranging from 3-5 hours each. -- The game is being developed in the Unity engine for Windows, OS X, Linux with alternate releases for iOS, Android, PS 4 and XBOX to be released at a later date. -- The game will be available in English, French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish. -- Ambrov X will be distributed DRM-Free for Windows, OS X and Linux. Former Bioware writer, Jennifer Hepler, will join the Ambrov X team, if we make our first stretch goal. Jennifer served in a senior creative role on both the Dragon Age and Star Wars: The Old Republic franchises. We are on Kickstarter until 10/05/13. Thanks for checking us out!