Amazing video game themed college football halftime show

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#1 Posted by DarthBilf (1357 posts) -
Seriously impressive stuff
#2 Posted by iHarlequin (1928 posts) -

That was interesting. I always heard that school bands were 95% nerds, this just confirms that.

Still cool.

#3 Posted by yellosnolvr (19302 posts) -

i wonder how long that took to practice :o

#4 Posted by Meeeper282 (1597 posts) -

Not surprised to see pokemon in it, everyone loves pokemon.

#5 Posted by norolim (132 posts) -

Not bad. Shame thaey didn't have enough time for a proper let's play.

#6 Posted by Killrnut (119 posts) -

Stuff like this makes me so proud to be an Ohio State fan.

They call this "the best damned band in the land". Now you all see why.

#7 Posted by S0lidSnake (29001 posts) -

Somewhere out there dvader just blew a load.