Am I the only one who HATES crime games?

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With all the excitement from many gamers caused by the new GTA V trailer, I began to think myself of a weird guy. While I'm actually impressed about the visuals and awesome gameplay, I don't think I would buy that game. Why? because the stories and themes of realistic criminal violence are just not my taste.

Let me explain myself a little bit. While I'm actually a fan of many popular action and adventure game-series, GTA is not one of them (as all as other similar series like saints row). I love battlefield series, metal gear series, resident evil series, batman arkham series... hell even i kinda like COD and assassin's creed series. But when I used to have GTA games, I felt that the only fun it had just lasted a few hours. The theme was nothing of my taste, I never had any fun following the story of a criminal who kept fighting other gangs and killing innocents just to gain power, even if I kept repeating myself that "it is just a game".

General violence in videogames may be very controvertial, but I think there is a huge difference between "crime violence" and "heroic violence". It kinda feels like it's not the same to fight for a good cause than just plain killing for fun.

BTW, even after I sold my GTA IV copy, I actually DO believe the game deserved that perfect 10 score of many websites. Like I said, the visuals and gameplay are awesome IMO, just not my taste.

Anyone else who is not gonna buy GTA V for this reason of something similar?

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>Am I the only one who...

Any time a question starts with that, the answer is pretty much "No"

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Everyone have there own likes and dislikes so the answere is "NO Way Man Chill Up" ________________ Video Game Glitches
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I hate them also. Never understood the fascination with a sociopathic nihilistic game where you play the part of the scum of the earth. Then again, I'm not 14 anymore, either.
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While the protagonists definitely are criminals, I think they are usually depicted in a way that makes them human and likeable. The storyline and their background makes this possible. I don't think anyone would play the games if the protagonists were just random deadbeats with overall psychopathic personalities. They always have two sides in my opinion - and that's why the games are good.

I especially liked Carl Johnson from San Andreas. Niko Bellic was a huge fail though, he was really a scumbag that I couldn't relate to.

Bottomline, it's really more about the characters themselves than the fact that they're part of the criminal underworld. I mean, you can also choose to be an evil nutjob in almost every single role-playing game out there, so what's the difference? That it's fantasy and this is reality-based? 

They have never been about slaughtering innocents, and I don't mind being a somewhat bad guy that kills other bad guys!

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No, and it's rather unfortunate that the sandbox style is mostly applied to games involving subjects like these.

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Hmm well the game itself is supposed to give players a feel to what it feels like to be a bum and a criminal/drug-dealer.

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I hate them also. Never understood the fascination with a sociopathic nihilistic game where you play the part of the scum of the earth. Then again, I'm not 14 anymore, either.Skeptic66
Notice, how Sheik2 was respectful, and simply admitted it just wasn't his taste (which is fine). There's no need to be whiny and insulting :)