Alien Movie scenes remade in Isolation for Pre-order DLC

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The article below is from Rock,Paper,Shotgun. THOUGHTS?

Given the astonishing care and attention The Creative Assembly have put into recreating the feel ofAlien in Alien: Isolation, mightn’t it be sort of nice to recreate a little of the movie? Well gosh golly, they’ve only gone and done that, making the original cast and the spaceship Nostromo. Crumbs, and they’ve got members of the cast to provide voices, even Sigourney Weaver as Ellen Ripley!

And the inevitable drawback for something so exciting: it’s for pre-order DLC missions, one of which will be exclusive to certain retailers too. At first, at least. Boo.

Weaver and the actors behind Dallas, Lambert, Brett, and Parker (Ian Holm is supposedly in the game anyway, so probably him too, but alas, it seems no John Hurt up the duff) are reunited 35 years after Alien came out to lend their voices to two DLC missions recreating snippets of the movie in a ‘what if?’ way, IGN say in their exclusive. A few more screens are over here.

The first mission comes after Brett snuffs it trying to catch Ripley’s cat, sending Ripley, Dallas or Parker into the vents to chase the alien into the airlock (which is how Dallas eats it in the film). That’ll be given to everyone who pre-orders. The second is playing Ripley setting off the Nostromo’s self-destruct then escaping to the shuttle, and you’ll only get it pre-ordering from certain places (a mystery for now, but let’s guess Game. It’s always Game, isn’t it?)

Initially, anyway. I’d be astonished if Sega don’t release both of these as plain old paid DLC for everyone at some point. Assuming they do, this sounds fair enough. They’re clearly not bits clipped out of the main game, and they’re scenes that wouldn’t get made otherwise. So sure.

Speaking of things people may need to wait for, our Brendy recently played with Isolation’s experimental Oculus Rift support. It’s only a prototype, is the official word.

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While it sounds and looks promising I must use caution and restraint based on the previous game.

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The game isn't even out and they're already talking about DLC. Fuck this game. Getting sick of devs doing this. At least wait a month after release to announce this stuff.

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Really ? They did this instead of adding co-op ?

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@Star0: Seeing as how the DLC is free with pre-orders, I don't really see why this is a big deal. I've already ordered it as this game looks to be what an Alien game should be. It's a bit of a gamble, sure, but an actual Alien -horror- game is something I've been waiting for years for.

@Solaryellow: The last game was an action game, so I waited and I'm glad I did because it was ass. This game I am much more optimistic about.


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@Byshop: Okay, if it's free then fair enough. I have no beef.

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Sounds great. It has me more interested in the game now.

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Very tempting but ain't pre-ordering no viddy yo gaem

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[UPDATE] The DLC will now be available to everyone who wishes to buy it. No word on price at this moment.

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New trailer released:

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Ripley! I'm buying it.

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@Lulu_Lulu said:

Really ? They did this instead of adding co-op ?

Yes, Because co-op would surely "not" ruin the horror aspect of the game upon which it is intended to be.

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@Treflis: Ignore him. He trolls every thread like this.


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@hailtothequeen said:

Ripley! I'm buying it.

And the actress that played her role is returning to do her voice in the DLC. Extra awesome.

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@behardy24 said:

[UPDATE] The DLC will now be available to everyone who wishes to buy it. No word on price at this moment.

That's good to hear because I kind of want to take a wait and see approach instead of pre-ordering it.