adventure game in ancient settings?

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1. ok, to begin with, i never played any adventure games, so dont know much of them, what are the must haves?


2. and i really like ancient setting, is there an adventure game thats set in an ancient time, or has to do with ancient times?

like egypt, atlantis etc. maybe enochian era


thnx ^^

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There have been many, many historical adventures games over the years but first :


- On which system do you want them ? How old can the games be ?

- Are you looking strictly for point & click types of adventure games ? Right now I would say that the Assassin's Creed series is the best as far as the representation of the setting is concerned, but the AC games are not adventure games in the strictest sense of the word.


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take a look dark eye - chains of satinav, whispered world, king's quest, monkey island.. if you are willing to play a game which isnt strictly with a historic setting then give myst series a whirl... you wont be disappointed.. the games are all traditional point and click adventures