AC4 vs. BF4? What would you rather have if you could only have one?

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Posted by tjj89 (39 posts) 1 year, 7 months ago

Poll: AC4 vs. BF4? What would you rather have if you could only have one? (28 votes)

AC4 68%
BF4 32%

I say Battlefield 4 personally because the replay experience through multiplayer is in my opinion far superior and I believe Assassins Creed series should've stopped at 3 but whatever. I heard AC4 is amazing and I'm getting both.

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I'm not into multiplayer alot and I love open world games. AC4's open world looks awesome with a lot of things to do so I have to go with that one. The campaign in BF4 sucks apparently and even though the multiplayer looks awesome I don't usually play multiplayer so yeah AC4 for me.

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I stopped caring about multiplayer shooters back when Battlefield 2 was released, and I do like pirates, so I guess I'd have to pick AC4 (although honestly, I don't really want either of them).

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I'm more of a FPS person but, not impressed with what I've seen in BF4. I can see myself spending a lot more time on AC4 so that what I'd go with.

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I actually preordered both with the next gen, but since Watch Dogs and Drivclub both got delayed because of this. It's going to be the only two games i am going to get for next gen. It's a hard one. But if you like multiplayer more, get BF4 if you like open world and singleplayer buy AC IV

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I played B3 and wasn't impressed to be honest. AC IV's sailing, fleet battles and exploration look fantastic and a breath if air to the series so ACIV easily.

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I am going with BF4 here because of the online multiplayer piece.

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AC4. I'm done with FPS games, basically. Not to mention AC4 looks like a cooler world than BF4. I normally get more replayability from single player sandbox games anyway.

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Is that even a question? they are two separate games and each have their target market.

Its like asking which game can you get the most time out of, WoW or Fez.

But as a singleplayer guy, i would take AC4 over BF4 any day of the year, in fact even if i wasn't i would never touch the crap that is Battlebunnyfield.

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I got Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag day one and would never consider buying a Battlefield game... Ever. I'm sure it's fine, but I just can't enjoy online shooters.

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What is the purpose of this thread? These are two very different games offering very different experiences. Multi-player vs Single Player. Third Person vs First Person. Open world vs Sets.

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Without a doubt I would get BF4 over AC4 if I HAD to choose.

I just look at bf3 and see how many hours I put into the multiplayer and still play it till this day.

So bf4 has more replay value for sure.

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For all those who think this thread are useless should consider two key points:

1) Some people can only afford one game and these two titles are considered big titles.

2) Maybe I wanted to know which style of game (sandbox vs. FPS) is more popular.

Those are the 2 best points in my opinion.

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I'm inclined to say AC4 simply because BF4 is broken on PC.

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I would choose Battlefield 4 for the multiplayer. I prefer single player experiences, but Assassin's Creed 3 was not as good as I had hoped it would be, so despite the positive reviews of AC4, I remain reluctant to buy it. Maybe if there were a demo to play it, I could test it first.

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My personal choice will be Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag totally because of the gameplay, open-world exploration and the story.

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Never having cared for Battlefield, Screed wins by default. But 4 does look interesting. I only played part of Screed 2, so I'm not particularly invested in the franchise. But I'll likely pick it up for my PS4. Gotta do something when Killzone gets old, yeah?

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There are a lot more games like Battlefield than there are Assassin's Creed. And from what I hear they actually made more meaningful changes to the new Assassin's Creed