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How to install CraftBukkit? It remains a very clever question because manyt of us had first been in trouble when coming to this issue. No more worries, this would certainley expalin all.. To customize your Minecraft Server VPS Hosting, a special Mod is required : CraftBukkit. So to Install it you need to : - Stop your MInecraft Server - Download the latest recommended build which is compatible with your Minecraft Game Version from Bukkit.org - Connect to your Minecraft Server VPS Hosting via an SFTP client such as FileZilla or WinSCP, or via SSH with your Linux Console or Putty - The third Step, is to put your CraftBukkit recommended Build in the Minecraft Folder (it must replace the oldest Minecraft Server or oldest CraftBukkit). And for that, there are Two Solutions (such as updating your Minecraft Server) : - Uploading the CraftBukkit with the SFTP Client (Filezilla or WinSCP) - Downloading your New CrafBukkit via SSH by using wget with seizing at the located folder: wget the_crafbukkit_downloading_URL (you must replace "the_crafbukkit_downloading_URL" by the URL that allow you to download the latest Crafbuukkit recommanded build) The New CraftBukkit will replace the older one directly. All you have to do now is to start CraftBukkit with seizing : screen java -jar -Xms1024M -Xmx1024M craftbukkit.jar nogui Now, you must change: - The first 1024 by the minimum RAM you want to give to your Minecraft Server - The second 1024 by the maximum RAM you want to give to your Minecraft Server - craftbukkit.jar by the name of your recommended build you insert in your Minecraft folder