A Red Faction 1 review that I made

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old game but still good and worth playing even though its been released around 2001, definitely recommend this one ..... ......... ..... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQnKsCQo2lA
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Alright, I watched it and here is what I gotta say. You have to be more specific, why is it fun, why's the graphics weren't great for its time? Stuff like that. I really felt like the video is more of a commentary than a review, you should try to go in detail for the sections (Graphics, Gameplay, Story, etc) of the review.

I'll give you an example:

Quake 2 isn't really a sequel to Quake 1. The game takes place in a futuristic setting, where the player fights his way towards cybernetic aliens. Unlike the first one, the player was in a medieval setting, surviving his way towards Lovecraftian monsters, and visiting variations of castles or tech bases. While the game may be visually different and isolated from its predecessor, it still contains a lot of elements that makes it a Quake game. The Quad Damage is still gratifying to use just like before, the fact that Quake 2 is a run and gun focused shooter, a wide range of arsenals for your disposal, key cards you need to find to gain acess in a specific door, and so on.

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i didnt want to make a descriptive review, cause everybody can find that on the internet nowadays, and besides who wants to know how many levels, guns and spells the game has ? its like this: you watch a review like that of a game, you watched them all, but not many will talk about how they felt playing the game, what they liked the most and why.
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You sound really baked on some good weed, m'friend!


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i loved that game but then they patanted the geomod tech and through it in the trash in redfaction 2 +3 basterds..............tsh.. loved the game