A game you want for next gen that hasn't been announced

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Valkyria Chronicles 4. I'd love if for the PS4, but I'd be just as ecstatic if it were on the Vita. The Vita has released some quirky JRPGs, so I wish a new VC game would come out for it.

Or, you know, localize VC3 for the Vita as a downloadable game.

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  1. The Last Guardian - listen no one has said it's cancelled and the last we heard it's still in full swing so it be great to see if thats true, my guess is E3 announcement and it will be out 2014
  2. Shemnue 3 - been waiting for this game for sooooo long, i need it, and with something going on with this whole all star racing and an announcement happening soon, i need this game

on the topic of rocksteady i really want them to leave batman now, we've had enough make 2 games from another character in DC and then come back to batman later, i mean me personally enjoyed asylum more than city but city was alot more solid on the game play, and i believe that topped batman and i just don't want anymore, wasted talent if we just see another batman game

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A Dishonored sequel.

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@knox140 said:

A Dishonored sequel.

That's been pretty much confirmed, it's going to get a sequel

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Silent Hill (Reboot?)

SSX 3 Re-release

Zone of the Enders 3

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@knox140 said:

A Dishonored sequel.

yes please

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I'd like a new Viva Piñata and a new Civilization Revolution, but I don't know if I'll ever get them.

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@GuitarSmash said:

Silent Hill (Reboot?)

SSX 3 Re-release

Zone of the Enders 3

Zone of The Enders isn't coming sadly, though i would like a new SSX

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Tomba!! or Crash Team Racing =p

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I would like a Silent Hill that doesn't suck.

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Imagine what current gen processing and graphics could do to a sandbox smash-them-the-fuck-up like War of the Monsters...