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Posted by iampenguin (223 posts) 8 months, 13 days ago

Poll: 720p or 1080p (12 votes)

720p enough 58%
1080 at least 42%
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Depends on the gameplay, i don't really care about graphics to be honest

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Resolution is only a small part of graphics , and graphics itself is the Least important thing about a Game in my opinion . so to be honest its not much of a big deal . its just a funny way to make fun of Xbox One . and I must admit some of those Jokes are really funny :D and I also must Admit Xbox fans Made jokes like these about PS3 in the last gen when some games looked a little better on 360 .

on my large 48 TV , Difference is Noticeable if you sit close to the TV . but I don't think it effects the gameplay experience .

if xbox one was the same price as PS4 it wouldn't be much of a big deal if it runs at lower resolution . but when its 100$ more expensive and the Kinect is pretty much useless ... then I say ps4 is a better console to buy . and i think that was the main purpose of your question :)

I'll buy both anyways .

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To me there's not much of a difference.

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I guess on these new consoles it makes sense for people to want games to run in 1080p. But there's no reason to disregard a game or anything if it runs in 720p. Looking at side by side comparisons, I can barely tell the difference. And obviously when you're playing, it's not like you are going to be comparing it side by side to the other version. Still, I understand the expectation, but I still think people are making too big of a deal over this.

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1080p, this is a new gen now you gotta have standards so we can move forward.

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@Jankarcop said:

1080p, this is a new gen now you gotta have standards so we can move forward.

While I agree with this to an extent (I did expect 1080p/60FPS to be the standard for this gen), I don't think it's as big a deal as some seem to be making it out to be. I think most people wouldn't know the difference between 1080p/900p/720p to be honest.

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Really don't care. I've compared games directly on a 42 inch screen while sitting less than a couple of meters from the screen and not seen a major difference. Sure 720 is burrier but that hasn't stopped me having a ball with my 360 for the last six years.

I'll take 60fps over 1080p but I'd rather have a great game, with characters I love and a world I never want to leave, than any of that stuff.

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It is 2014! 1080p at least! However, I think it can be argued that 60 fps is just as important for the quality of your gaming experience. But, again, it is 2014! I am amazed that we are still having this conversation.

Edit: I agree that graphics are not the most important part of a game. But, I think at this point in time we should expect certain standards from devs, 1080p and 60fps should be standard, IMO.

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I'm with Jank and stizzal on this one. Seven years of 720p and below is quite enough. I just said in another post that 1080p was touted as a big deal when the PS3 & 360 got revealed. Nine years later some games are failing to reach that resolution.