3/5 PS4 tidbits - Pier Solar HD, Infamous and Arkham Knight

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1. Arkham Knight has a new villian and no multiplayer. While a lot of people seem to disagree with me, I'm of the opinion that designers shouldn't feel obliged to check every box (if a team's heart isn't in something, its better that they not do it).


2. Looks like Dishonored 2 will be revealed at E3.


3. An indie game named Piers Solar HD made in the style of traditional jrpgs (which debuted on the Sega Genesis?! ) is hitting the PS4 later this month.


4. Demand for MGS5 has brought Sony's Japanese PSN store to its knees. Hopefully that situation won't repeat itself when the game actually is available for download.


5. Some new screenshots of Infamous have popped up. Damn. Higher clarity and more pics at the link.


6. A few new screenshots of the Division have popped up. Ubisoft thus far hasn't commented on rumors of a delay to 2015.


7. Double Eleven (who coded the excellent LBPV though Tarsier designed it) will announce the name of the PS3 game they are porting to the PS4 and the Vita today.


8. Kojima has stated that young people are losing interest in AAA games, especially in Japan and that with MGS5 he hopes to change that. I agree with his diagnosis of the problem but not his solution.

Companies that want to attract young gamers need to offer a steady stream of quality original games. Look at animated movies. Disney (and others) makes their big money off of original movies and sequels to young franchises, not Mickey Mouse.


If companies want nostalgic, aging gamers (there are a lot of us and we have deep pockets) they should crank out sequels to old franchises. If they want younger gamers, they need to offer original games.


“We’ve seen a phenomenon around the world,” Kojima told gamestm. “Young people are losing interest in high-end games and focusing on mobile and social titles, especially in Japan. I wanted to show people that Japanese high-end games are still worth playing and that big Japanese games still have a future."

9. By all accounts the Xbone Twitch app (which only hit in the last week or so) is better than Sony's launch app (higher resolution and one can archive streams). As the fansite at the link below states, if Sony wants to keep up interest in Twitch on the PS4 they need to improve it ASAP.

https://www.psu.com/a022679/PS4-Twitch-app-needs-urgent-update-as-Xbox-One-streamers-prepare-their-channelsDozens of times we’ve tuned into a stream, only to leave shortly after because of latency issues. We currently have our own Twitch channel called PSULive, which we continue to stream from, though not as frequently as we initially planned. The lack of an archiving function has put us off producing lots of content, such as boss battle guides or walkthroughs, because there simply isn’t enough people tuning in to make it worthwhile, while the lack of an archive function means that there’s no way for people to keep coming back to enjoy the content.

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I've been waiting for Pier Solar forever. Yes, it started life as a Genesis game just released a few months ago. (Homebrew scene is alive and well on various Sega platforms, a team is now doing a remaster of Kojima's Sega CD cult classic Snatcher on Dreamcast) The team that made it took to Kickstarter for a Dreamcast version, and it just sort of ballooned from there. It's practically coming to everything but the Jaguar and Virtual Boy now.

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Solar Pier is old news man, been around for ages

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Isn't that like the 2D RPG homage of sorts that's supposed to be coming out soon?

Also, Carnage, please edit your title so as to not confuse people. Arkham Asylum was the first game in the series, so I'm sure it was by mistake, as it is Arkham Knight. :P Also, I'm glad that Rocksteady did not feel obligated to tack on multiplayer. I prefer Asylum and City to be single-player adventures. I hate it when game developers tack it on just because it has to be there and that's just incredibly stupid.

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@Metamania: Thanks, fixed.

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Wow, nice to hear Dishonored 2 is going to happen. Good update. I agree with your analysis of what younger gamers want vs. older gamers.