2/3rds of Black Ops 2 Population Plays Only Single Player

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Wow...I'm shocked. I'm sure many of you guys who are single player/fps enthusiasts would never realized that. CoD campaigns are infamous for its linearity, lack of depth, scripted events, short length, and it's obsession of trying to be a Michael Bay film. Who knew people actually enjoyed them so much.

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After cod 4 multiplayer( the best one imo) I actually play cod now just for the campaign. I liked the campaign in ghosts and barely touched multiplayer.

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That does surprise me. Maybe they don't have the internet?

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I always play the single player portion of COD. Usually multiple times. I play the multiplayer as well but I wouldn't even buy a COD game without a campaign. That is what got me into the series with COD2: Big Red One.

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Not sure why that's surprising.

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I enjoy both the single-player campaign and only multiplayer. While naturally I'll end up spending more time in the online mp I do play through the campaigns of the CoD games at least twice and sometimes three times, I think they're great.