2/18 PS4 tidbits - The Order, PS4 sales and Kingdom Come

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1. New footage of The Order. So gorgeous. There is just one character model (so no difference between cutscenes and gameplay).

Despite the awesome looks and the unusual setting (steampunk London) it seems to be pretty traditional (cover based shooting and branching QTEs). Lucky for me I enjoy a shooter campaign.

The new footage, the quality of the PSP GoW games (Sony Santa Monica's games borrowed pretty heavily from them) and the fact Ready at Dawn is squarely focused on the campaign makes me very excited about this game.

Most of the links stolen from the GAF.



An advanced physics engine is also included in the game, allowing more complex elements to be added to the cover system, as it’s possible to shoot through protections and to destroy them. Soft body physics are fully simulated, and hair and cloth move realistically alongside the characters.

Advanced lighting is also a big part of The Order‘s visual fidelity, and features like light filtering through curtains and atmospheric particles will be fully implemented.

2. PS4 sales have surpassed 5.3 million so Sony has already hit their April sales goal.

I think if Sony is bright they will chop the price of the PS4 ASAP (realisitically, Christmas). Making hardware more affordable (rather than bloating the size of the hard drive) is a good way to skew a system younger and sell more hardware.


“I am thrilled that so many customers around the globe have continued to select PS4 as the best place to play throughout and beyond the holiday season," said Andrew House, President and Group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. "We are delighted that according to the NPD Group's latest data, PS4 was January's top-selling console in the United States. The PS4 system's momentum just keeps growing stronger, and we are extremely grateful for the continued passion and support of PlayStation fans. February 22 sees the launch of PS4 in Japan, and I'm looking forward to Japanese fans sharing the excitement of the deep social capabilities and entertainment experiences only possible on PS4."

3. Ubisoft has talked a bit about the changes coming to the current gen versions of Rayman Legends. Aside from more beautiful graphics, there will be no load times.



The PS4 also has a few nifty additions. Any insight into those?

Right away we saw how the PS4 touchpad could be a great tool to show players all the amazing details our artists have put inside the visuals and the animations of the game. That’s why we created the Camera Mode using this touchpad. By pressing the touchpad once, you freeze the game and enter Camera Mode. In this mode, by moving your fingers on the touchpad you can zoom in and out and also pan to adjust the frame. When you’re happy with your picture, you just have to press the Share button on the PS4 controller to share this picture with everyone. This mode is a great way to pause the game to look at all the amazing details the game contains and it’s also a great tool to be creative and build amazing pictures with all the elements you have in the game.

We are also using the touchpad of the PS4 controller to allow the player to scratch lucky tickets in the game. Using your fingers to scratch these tickets feels, of course, very natural, just like scratching an actual lottery ticket. You even hear the scratching sound coming out of the PS4 controller!

4. A new PS4 commercial. Focused on sharing, lots of gameplay footage. I like this trend.

5. Kingdom Come Deliverance (a kickstarted medieval rpg without magic or fantasy elements) is now officially scheduled for current gen platforms.


“Both companies are very eager to work with independent developers now and were really helpful in speeding up the whole process. We were provided with devkits and will get cracking on the console version right away,” said Warhorse on the game’s Kickstarter page. “It also appears that we will be able to publish the game on consoles at least digitally ourselves, without publishers. We shall see about the physical/retail publishing, we may be able to do it ourselves, or we may make a deal with another company to do it, this remains to be seen.”

6. Extremely gory killcam footage of Sniper Elite 3. I won't post it directly here, but its at the link. Good stuff, but consider yourself warned.