10 Best Games of All Time

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1. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

2. Resident Evil 4

3. Fallout 3

4. Super Mario 64

5. Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow

6. Roller Coaster Tycoon

7. Grand Theft Auto 4

8. Goldeneye 007

9. Elder Scrolls Oblivion

10. Yoshi's Island

Honorable mention -- because I've never finished it -- Earthbound

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I agree with you about How awesome Killzone 3 was. It's the only game in the franchise that I loved.


10. Age of empires2.

9. Sonic 3 and Knukles.

8 Majoras mask

7. Persona 4 golden

6. Resident Evil 4

5. Uncharted 2

4 Call Of Duty 4

3. Max payne 2

2. Rayman 2 the great escape

1. Kingdom hearts.

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Jagged Alliance 1-2, Civilization 3-5, Ultima 7, Syndicate, Halo, Simcity 2000-3000, Tomb Raider 2013, Bloodrayne 2, Sim Farm, Privateer/Freelancer, Day of the Tentacle, Theme Hospital, Gauntlet Legends/Dark Legacy, Red Alert/C&C, Final Fantasy 2 snes, Chrono Cross/Trigger, Need for Speed Most Wanted 2005 version, Scorched Earth, Beautiful Katamari, Lost Vikings

ya its more then 10, sorry about that

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Super Mario World

Crash Bandicoot Warped

Final Fantasy VIII

Final Fantasy IX

Final Fantasy X

Kingdom Hearts 2

God of Wr Trilogy

Red Dead Redemption

Assassins Creed Series

Demon Souls

Uncharted 2

The Last of Us

Batman Arkham City

Metal Gear Solid 4

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  • Fallout 2
  • Castlevania Symphony Of The Night
  • Battlefield 2142
  • Super Mario World
  • Resident Evil 2
  • Final Fantasy VII
  • Dungeon Master 2
  • Silent Hill
  • Duke Nukem 3D
  • Quake 2

really, really hard to choose just 10... i'll add Unreal Tournament 2004 and Worms 2 as a bonus. also almost every point-and-click game from the 90's. also Super Mario Kart and Bomberman and and and....

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Jagged Alliance 1-2, Syndicate, Simcity 2000-3000, Day of the Tentacle, Theme Hospital, Gauntlet Legends/Dark Legacy, Red Alert/C&C, Chrono Cross/Trigger, Scorched Earth, Lost Vikings

oh man... such sweet memories. virtual high-five espacially from Scorched Earth!

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1. No One Lives Forever


3.Thief 2: The Metal Age

4.No One Lives Forever 2

5.Rayman 2

6.Dark Souls

7.Command & Conquer 3

8.Half-Life 2

9.Portal 1+2 ( I consider them inseparable)

10.Super Meat Boy

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  1. Grand Theft Auto V
  2. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
  3. Quake
  4. Half-Life: Counter-Strike
  5. Quake III Arena
  6. Doom
  7. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
  8. Metal Gear Solid 2
  9. Super Mario Bros. 3
  10. Super Metroid
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Short listing game is really very tough. All action packed games are my favorite.

Battlefield, Thief, Watchdog, Titanfall, Call of ghosts, Diablo, The elder scroll, dark soul and many many more.

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Number 7: Gears of War

Without Resident Evil 4, there would be no Gears of War. Hell, Cliffy B said it himself. However, with that being said, Gears of War stands on its own merits. Gears of War could be described as a tactical shooting game, but it would be best described simply, as badass. No game ever made you feel like such an overpowered S.O.B. until Gears of War. You were a giant warrior, in giant armor, with a giant gun, killing giant aliens. What more could you want? Perhaps some of the funnest multiplayer known to man? You've got it. Gears of War was a great singleplayer experience, especially with a friend, but online is where the game found its meat and potatoes. With its "elimination" style gameplay, few games can match the visceral, fast-paced, blood-pumping action of Gears of War. While subsequent entries in the series were good, specifically Gears of War 2, they never felt as tight, arcade-like, or simply fun, as the original. Gears of War will always stand at the top of the stack for me, in terms of competitive games. It was simply one of the best.

Number 4: Halo 3

Halo 3 is one of those rare games that just seems to get it all right. While there will always be criticisms you can make, such as certain guns or vehicles being unbalanced, or even the lack of offline multiplayer bots (which isn't even common, anyway), you cannot deny the sheer excellence of the game. Halo 3 offers a well-thought campaign, a brilliant, classic multiplayer mode with a plethora of different options, and the excellent forge mode where you can create your own content. Few games are as feature-rich and well constructed as Halo 3. Halo's gameplay is in fine form here, and the amount of wasted nights spent playing Halo 3 with drunk buddies are too many to count. Hell, even the graphics are pretty good.

Number 3: Demon's Souls

If you consider yourself a serious gamer, you should know about Demon's Souls, but if you don't, let me tell you, it is badass. Demon's Souls is sort of like what would happen if you combined Diablo 2 with one of the 3D Zelda titles. It's so much better than that, however. The game is dark, gothic, and at times, even disturbing and scary. However, what makes it so brilliant is the atmosphere. The atmosphere of demon souls protrudes through every aspect of the gameplay, and makes the entire experience one you won't forget. From the small ambient sounds, to the well-voiced character, and even the strange, wondrous environments and creepy lighting effects, Demon's Souls leaves you with an aural feeling completely its own. Not to mention, the controls and combat are as tight as can be, the levels are incredibly well designed and each present unique obstacles and enemies, and the progression of your character is unique and fun.

Number 1: The Legend of Zelda: the Wind Waker

I'll never understand the hate for Wind Waker. It seems to be one of those "love it or hate it" things, but I've always been in the former group. Wind Waker, to me, is the first Zelda game that really seemed like an adventure. In prior installments, all areas seemed very connected and reminiscent of one another, I always felt like I was playing an action/platformer game and I was never taken out of that mindset, but with the Wind Waker, the game was epic, grand, and truly enthralling. Finding some small, almost invisible island and finding a hole on it that leads to an ancient battleground filled with giant demon warriors is about one of the coolest experiences I've found in gaming. The wind waker draws you in and doesn't let go. The art style, the combat, the exploration, the wonder and curiosity- it is just so grand. Wind Waker will always be my favorite Zelda game, and one of the best games I've ever played in general.

These four games... AWESOME!

I love what you said about Halo 3, it's nice to see someone who doesn't bash a true classic, when so many people are constantly running Halo down.

I also love what you said about "The Wind Waker", sad, here it's one of Zelda's very best and so many people seem to have hate for it, but at least you, and I'm sure others, appreciate it.

Not to go on here, but I'll just say that I liked pretty much everything you said about these games in particular, as for the others I haven't played them so I cant say what my opinions of them are.

To name some of my favorite games of all time would be revealing something personal about myself, that probably sounds kinda funny but to me the games that I truly love are sacred and I like to keep them to myself... hopefully you can understand that.

By the way, happy Easter.

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1: The Last Of Us

2: Half Life 2

3: Shenmue

4: FF7

5: Skyrim

6: Metal Gear Solid

7: Red Dead Redemtion

8: Gears Of War

9: Fallout 3

10: Halo

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10. Golden Eye (N64)

Unbeatable MP action, Great SP, years ahead of its time

9.Chaos ( ZX spectrum)

8 player wizard DM, enough said (currently being remade!!!!)

8. Freespace 1 & 2 (PC)

Two of the BEST space combat games EVER

7. Tie Fighter (PC)

Amazing Star wars game, probably the last good one.

6. UFO: Enemy Unknown (Amiga)

Original & best version, solid & playable even today

5.Doom 1 & 2 (PC)

The reason you bought a PC, fantastic for its time

4.Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2 (Wii)

Flawless execution, such a great game(s) you have to play these

3. Civilization series (PC)

Best turn based strategy series ever, bar none

2.Half life 1 & 2 (PC)

Hlaf life 1 is the best SP FPS I've ever played

1. Elite (BBC Micro)

Outstanding game, looking forward to the new one

Honourable mentions:

Sensible Soccer (Amiga)

Deus Ex (PC) (original)

Fallout Series (PC)

GTA Series (Various)

Zelda Series (Nintendo)

Mafia (PC)

Super Mario (NES)

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@faizanhd said:

1. No One Lives Forever


3.Thief 2: The Metal Age

4.No One Lives Forever 2

5.Rayman 2

6.Dark Souls

7.Command & Conquer 3

8.Half-Life 2

9.Portal 1+2 ( I consider them inseparable)

10.Super Meat Boy

OMFG No one lives for ever, forgot about those, amazing games

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  1. mass effect
  2. resident evil 4
  3. windwaker
  4. battlefield 3
  5. mario and luigi superstar saga
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@darthgumballs said:

Madden 25

Call of Duty Black Ops II

Call of Duty MW3

Black Ops

Forza 5


MLB 2k13


NBA 2k14

Tiger Woods The Masters

Ewww. My brain hurts after this.

There is nothing wrong with liking those games. Be nice.

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I think the best way to summarise your favorite games is by how many hours you have over the years put into those games/series.

10. Monkey Island 1 & 2
9. Football Manager/Championship Manager
8. Diablo II
7. COD4 & MW2
6. Gears of War 1 & 3
5. Civ 1 & 3
4. Pro Evolution Soccer
3. Borderlands 1 & 2
2. Civ 4
1. Dark Souls 1 & 2 (Best games by a very long margin. The games I listed from 2 - 10 don't even come close to how good the Dark Souls series is. Single player and multiplayer are melded so intrinsically well with each other that one would be worse without the other. I never had a PS3 so unfortunately I missed our on Demon's Soul's)

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10. Donkey Kong Country (SNES)

9. Final Fantasy X

8. Banjo-Kazooie

7. Paper Mario (N64)

6. Super Mario Bros. 3

5. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

4. Skyrim

3. Mass Effect 2

2. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

1. Fallout 3

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I don't consider these the best games of all time but they're my favorite.

1.GTA:San Andreas


3.Dead Space


5.Batman:Arkham Asylum

6.Twisted Metal Black

7.Uncharted 2.Among Thieves

8.Killer Instinct(Arcade/SNES)


10.Unreal Tornament

Honorable mentions:Red Dead Redemption,The Last of Us,and Escape From Butcher Bay.

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Mine top 10 are;

Super Mario 3D World (WiiU)

Pokemon X (3DS)

Skylanders -series

Donkey Kong Country -series (SNES)

Resident Evil 4

The Lion King (SNES)

Super Mario Bros 3 (NES)

Super Mario Galaxy -series (Wii)

Zelda Twillight Princess

The Last of Us ( PS3 )

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i can't put my top 10 in any order except for my top two. It's hard because they are different genre's

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wow. Thanks for posting i can try these wonderful games before i stopped playing Rohan three years ago and i'm thinking if will come back playing other MMORPG games again. :)

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This thread again!! Wow I think I will just have my too 10 in my notes and just copy and paste every time this topic comes up.

Also the extremely long explanations for each choice in some of these post wow! Who's got time to read all that but anyway here's my top ten with no explanations other than I really liked these games and gave me amazing first time experiences.


Mario kart(snes)

Killer instinct

Metal gear solid1

Shadow of the Collosus

GTA San Andreas

Deus ex(series)

Far cry2

Granturismo 2

Mass effect1

To many honourable mentions to list lol

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Here's my List(Personal)

1. Super Mario World

2.Burnout Revenge


4.Power Stone

5.Jade Empire

6.Racthet and Clank: Up your Arsenal

7: Split/Second

8.Tekken 3

9.The Darkness 2

10:DMC: Devil May Cry