why are gamecube games still so expensive ?

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well i was checking out some gamecube games today at jbhi-fi for my wii, cuz wii games are too expensive and i cant afford it....

and guess what.. they cost almost equal to wii games !!! i was shocked !!! $100 for a game... (i live in australia so its au dollars im talkin about).. bt yeah.... its really expensive

#2 Posted by Erebyssial (2903 posts) -
Probably because you can just play them on the Wii. If you had to have the console as well they would have made them cheaper.
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Thats odd...

Around me they are about half the price of a Wii game, usually less.

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Because people still pay those prices for them. Why drop the price if they still sell?
#5 Posted by Funkyhamster (17366 posts) -
People still want lots of the 1st party GC games... so Nintendo can keep the prices pretty high. $30 for SSBM after 6 years is ridiculous, though...
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around where i live i see nothing but used gamecube games so there all 30 bucks or less
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I did not realize any Gamecube games were too expensive. I will find out, later.
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All depends where you are and what the demand is. There are lots of cheap Gamecube games on ebay if you're patient.
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The US's Amazon has decent prices on used games. Dunno about AU Amazon.
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Gamestop employees told me it was because of Christmas.
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Gamestop employees told me it was because of Christmas. skreetpreacha

That makes sense... parents/spouses/whatever are more likely to pay a higher amount for GC games, since they don't know they should be a lot cheaper.

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100 bucks for a game o_O man they only cost around 45 euro's here not sure how much that is in dollars ;)
you've just been ripped off i tell ya...
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makes sense, the wii theory
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ive been wanting to go back and get some old gcn games i missed. im almost done with killer7 (only had to finish last chapter) so im going to see what else i have first, then check out the store
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Over here you're lucky to find a GameCube game for £20. They're mostly like £10
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I've only seen about 4 or 5 games for gamecube that are still $50, then between 30 and 4o I've seen about 10 games(almost all star wars games) and then the rest it's form $20 under...
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Its because now that you can play them on the wii, they have a larger value due to the fact that they areable to be on a "modern" consle
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I know I tryed to get a copy of Super Smash Bros. Melee as a present for Christmas and every store was 49.99 for it....

Nobody had it used... Comon people.

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At this time no Gamecube game should be over 30 dollars, they should be all 20-25 dollars at most.
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I know I tryed to get a copy of Super Smash Bros. Melee as a present for Christmas and every store was 49.99 for it....

Nobody had it used... Comon people.


$50 for a 6-year-old game is just ridiculous. Prices on SSBM will free-fall once Brawl comes out, though...

#21 Posted by Chibitrunk_16 (108 posts) -
I went to Gamespot and some of their prices are crazy. But then again, I am a cheap ass too. I wanted SSMB: Melee, but it was over $20 and a Wal-Mart nearby was only selling it for $20 new. Should've gotten it when I had a chance.

I think I saw Paper Mario for $35 and my friend bought it new at Wal-mart for $20. Price gouging! Though some good GC games are fairly cheap. Got Gun for $5, Eternal Darkness for $9 and Viewtiful Joe for $5.
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There are only a few GC games in my area that are "expensive". Smash Brothers, Twilight Princess, Fire Emblem, and Jedi Outcast come to mind. But generally, most GC games are less than $20us.
#23 Posted by SmashBrosLegend (11344 posts) -
Because the relatively small library that the Gamecube had in comparison to its competition drives up demand for popular games.
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I would change the question: "why mario games are more expensive than others?"
#25 Posted by WSGRandomPerson (13693 posts) -
The most expensive GC game i've seen was TLOZ:TP, and that was 50
#26 Posted by Tim_Drake (520 posts) -
Well if you look at Amazon.com, you will see you can still buy Gamecube games brand new directly from the supplier and not used or from someone else. Like Super Smash Bros. Melee that game is like $30 bucks still brand new, and I saw it at Gamestop for that price used, its just that the retail value is higher than most Gamecube games like the games that don't sell so well.