New Naruto game coming.

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There is another Naruto Game coming out. There are going to be more characters and new special moves.This is a must have for naruto fans.and i am a big friend.On YouTube I get onand watch every new episode that comes out.Right now im on episode 221 which comes out in Japan Thursday.Which will come out on YouTube either on Friday or Saturday.

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New game? there two games that arent for GC yet relased like a year ago, those games arent going to be here until the anime (in TV) gets with the game history, sorry for us (the people that is catching up with Naruto episodes).
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New game? Theres a new game but thats for the Wii. I don't think there is a new Naruto game coming for the GC. Naruto 3 and 4 won't come out for awhile and 3 really isn't worth it. 4 is real good and I am hooked on it, but again I don't see them making a American version anytime soon. What a drag.
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these naruto games usually aren't very good tho
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Don't believe this guy. I don't trust his word one bit.
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Don't believe this guy. I don't trust his word one bit.FPSjohn
There is already a commercial of it, look for it on youtube or GS user videos cuz its already uploaded