character you use in Super smash bros???

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What is ur character that you usually use for this game????

I've always been best with Shiek

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Link or Roy or Ganadorf
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My best characters are Link, Roy, and Kirby.
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I'm best with Samus, then Marth
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Luigi mario and Dr mario
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Samus and Link.
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Roy, Dr. Mario, Ganondorf

Although, I use Pichu to make fun of people.

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rape you with link or marth, roy is for n00bs
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I use Link, Falco, DK, Ness, and Samus
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i use peach and cpt. falcon.
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What is ur character that you usually use for this game????

I've always been best with Shiek


I rape people with Jigglypuff...JK. Link is the most fun to play with and my pick for beating people with
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i stink no matter who i use really lol, but mostly i use peach or zelda
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Roy, Link
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Normally I don't reply to overtly redundant, boring poll threads, but I must express the awesomeness of Pikachu.

Link and Young Link are also two of my primary characters.

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My favorite is Link, then Captain Falcon.
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Roy, Dr. Mario, Ganondorf

Although, I use Pichu to make fun of people.


dont mock pichu the outher day i set pichu lvl9, boswer lvl6,gannondorth lvl 5, and link lvl 8 and watched them fight...

PICHU OWNED!!!! boswer 2nd, ganon 4th, LINK 3rd!!!


PICHU DOMINATED!!!!:twisted:

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I use link or roy usually
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im best with roy link or mewtwo
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This is like the millionth topic since the game came out about the same thing.

...And every single time I say Dr. mario! :0
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*sigh* Yet again...

Dr. Mario, Mario, Peach, Luigi, Ganondorf, Fox, Zelda, Sheik, Link, Young Link, Jigglypuff, Marth, Roy, Samus, Ness for casual matches.

For serious matches; Luigi, Dr. Mario, Peach, Sheik, Link, Samus.

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Shiek. Just Shiek.
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Link or Marth
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Roy, Dr. Mario, Bowser, or DK
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if you havent read my response in the previous 10 or 15 posts:

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Shiek. Just Shiek.Trickshot771

See there is someone else out there who appriciates shiek...garenteed you would get wooped by me with her

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1. Samus
2. Link
3. Mario
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i always use fox
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Cpt Falcon and Link
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1. Donkey Kong

2. Marth

3. Zelda/Shiek

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3)...dunno... I change all the time...

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Fox, Peach, Jigglypuff and mayby Dr Mario or Ice Climbers... those would be my best... in order prob Peach, Fox, Jiggly... then doc then IC
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Link , ganondorf and sometimes if link is taken, young link
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Wow :o... Is it just me or is this dejavu? I swear i've seen this same thread pop up randomly now and then since the game first came out :evil:

Still don't get what i'm saying, stop this pointless threads, *cough* spamming *cough*

And i rule with everyone in SSBM, but my best r Link and Captain Falcon.
Look, i'm spamming too :P

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Mainly ganondorf, falco, and Doc.
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I rule with Falco.

I'm also good with Mario, Ganondorf, Young Link and Roy.

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1)Ness owns...

2)Roy rules

3)Any other but samus/mewtwo, cptn.falcon/ganodorf, fox/falco, bowser/DK, pichu/jigglipuf


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Star Fox, that bike kick just rocks.
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1 v 1 I'll use Samus or Young Link due to the quick attacks and long range moves. Anything else I'll pretty much stick to Roy, he can deal big damage without slowing down.

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Gotta be falco

His very fast and agile Own my brother everytime

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i always play as link.
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Mario is my boy, and Ganondorf is my power hitter, but I am a fan of Marth and Mewtwo is growing on me.

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Link mario/dr.mario

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Samus and all sword characters
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Kirby, Zelda/Sheik , Marth, Link, Samus, luigi(lol)