New footage out!

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So, since I couldn't see it here anywhere, I thought I'd post the link to the footage on Youtube. It gives me an Assassin's Creed feel, what do you guys think?

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combat should be amazing, story should be average and then the rest is up to the devs. I for one hope there is a fast travel of some form and the world is bigger and there are much more items. DD had amazing combat, the best in any rpg I've ever played
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Yeah, from what we've seen the combat isn't looking as good as I'd hoped. I was really holding out for a Dragon's Dogma type combat. Still though, procedurally generated dungeons, plenty of loot and dem graphics! Still excited!

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Looks generally a lot like Demon Souls with a staging lobby area artifacts to interact with that takes you to the game areas and a more refined combat system thats similar to ds but sets itself apart by the choice to aim your attacks and being a little slower. The game looks good can't wait to try it out.