Team Deathmatch? MMO?

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What do you think of having team deathmatches in Dark Souls 2 or 3 with the same game modes that they have in call of duty? I think Fromsoft should expand the multiplayer features to make DS more popular. You could have two teams of 6 or 8 players doing team deathmatch, capture the flag, king of the hill, etc. Also there could be death race modes where you ride on horseback or on a chariot while attacking other players.

Also how about a DS MMO? Imagine a fantasy MMO with the combat depth of DS. I never played an MMO before, but I would play that.

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That sounds awful, every word. 2v2 is good enough from DS1, Dark Souls does NOT need a Capture the Flag mode

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Agreed with Cyrona… RPGs and PVP based MMOs do not mix…end of story. There is already plenty of PVPing in the Souls games (perhaps too much at some points). There is ALREADY TDM in Souls games, and dual matches (DLC from DS1, the colosseum) and that did not blow over too well. If you want PVP in DS2, rack up your sin count, summon 2 people, put on the red string ring, and stand in the belfry areas. You have 3 people, and can be invaded by 3-4 people (2 at least from the bell keepers, 1 blood/black, and 1 sentinel).

  • TDM=summon players and hunt/farm invaders
  • Search/Dom/Hardpoint/KotH=belfry keepers vs players
  • CTF=when a black and blood fight over a host (lol, love watching it)

If anything, that would KILL FromSoft, and the Souls games. Remember, the more online multiplayer concentration, the less offline solo play is worked on. Best example is Armored Core: IV, IV-A, V, V-VD (also FromSoft game series).

The game types are technically already there but, like the lore and story, you just have to look hard enough to find it.