Souls of Old Ones

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If I already have a high enough SM to access the Shrine of Winter, and as a Mage, I'm not particularly interested in the special weapons Ornifex can craft with them (should I be?), can I just eat my "Souls of Old Ones" to level up? I love the finality of your actions in this game, just don't want to find out I missed out on something cool.

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Quite a few of the bosses' souls offer a spell of some kind as a choice over a weapon. For example the Ruin Sentinel soul gives the homing heavy soul arrow. here is a link to an awesome site that helped me through DS1 (DS2 if I wasn't smart enough to get guidebook). Also, don't forget about Straid in the Lost Bastille, as he gives most of the spells.

(Just in case the one above is screwed up, might have made a typo on accident)


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Thanks for the feedback, but I've already been trading certain "Mini-Boss" souls to Straid for spells. I'm asking about souls like the Old Iron King or the Lost Sinner. Only Ornifex can craft them, but she (he?) only makes weapons which my stats prevent me from wielding, not spells. They each yield like 25K souls, so unless there's ANY other benefit to holding on to them...

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Ah, I see. No, there is nothing else you can get from them aside the weapons. Now be careful on NG+ though, as the great primal souls are very useful in the class of sorcery… and she is a she, lol. I would, however, think about investing in the the watcher's great sword (magic oriented GS with magic buff 2h special) when it becomes available.