Quick Need help !! Failed to create summon signs.

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Anyone else getting "timed out of server" for summons?

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Yes, i got off work 2 hours ago, when i started the game it downloaded patch 1.02. Since then every time i put a sign somewhere in disappears after a few secs with the notice 'failed to create summon sign. Timed out from server.' must be caused by the patch since everything worked fine yesterday. I used the time to beat an optional boss that u can only challenge by yourself anyway. Then i went to farm a bit, but now they don't respawn anymore so i'm kinda out of stuff to do and wanna play coop, since i only have the last boss left and i wanna earn some sunlight medals before i beat her. I hope this gets fixed soon.

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I strolled around a bit. It seems only certain areas are effected by it. I got summoned in the huntsmen copse and shrine of amana also seems to work (though i didn't get summoned yet). But e.g. drangleic castle, lost bastille or harvest valley do not. But i still see messages, bloodstains and other players.