Master of sorcery/miracles/hex/pyromancy

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to get these achievement, do u need to get all the spells then shoot those spells atleast once?

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no, just collect them. warning, chaos fireball/wrath/bountiful sun need tier 3 in blood and sentinel covies (500 kills each covie). Or you can go to NG+++ (4th play through) to buy them…lol

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I know the guide says NG+++ but I'm hearing a lot of talk that it's actually NG++ that Chancellor Wellager sells you the covenant spells.

Here's what I could find:

I think the guide may have misprinted NG+++ in reference to the third play-through, not the fourth. Also, you apparently have to have the King's Ring for him to sell anything.

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Alright, a friend of mine got to NG++ and just walked in the front door of the castle, talked to Wellanger, and got all 3 spells. In process of proving this now, might be done late thursday, will post the findings.

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Nice, be good to hear your experience. I'm late-game NG+ at the moment - silly life keeps getting in the way.

I bet they're expensive too, but I doubt that's a problem when I'm sitting on 300k souls xD

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As promised, took MUCH less time than I thought! I got to Dragleic Castle on NG+2 (third cycle or NG++) and Wellenger HAD THE THREE SPELLS! I now happily have the Dark Soul achievement :p

Admitingly, DS1 took me 2.5 years to finish (due to a mix of glitches/bad builds/inexperience, not rage quitting) this one took me 2.5 weeks, lol!

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Huzzah! You, sir, are a champion. Thanks for confirming that.