Is Magic OP in DSII?

Posted by B3GV5M63 (47 posts) 8 months, 26 days ago

Poll: Is Magic OP in DSII? (10 votes)

Yes 40%
No 60%

Please answer this thread. am not even going to say anything. i will leave it to you guys. and please tell me whether you use magic or not.

#1 Posted by ZDragonLord (72 posts) -

It depends on how you use it. Most if not all spells are fairly easy to block, parry, or dodge. Agreed, some are a little overboard (some hexes/pyro) but those have few casts. If you are going on the PVP scale, no. If PVM, then hell yes they are OP, lol that geyser and flame swathe...

#2 Edited by Lyrebon (979 posts) -

The cost of using the more powerful spells outweighs their destructive power. If Soul Geyser had only been 15 Int then yeah, it would have been OP, but it requires somewhere in the region of 64 Int? Only pure sorcery builds will be able to effectively utilize the higher tier spells, at the cost of physical damage and defence. Flame Swathe has a small radius and is easy to move out of the area of effect before it goes off. Even Forbidden Sun does relatively low damage considering it's one-shot use.

#3 Posted by Mighty-Lu-Bu (1500 posts) -

I feel like Miracles are overpowered this time around. After you get the Great Lightening Spear you can pretty much kill anything. I get invaded a lot, especially by magic users, and in most cases the Great Lightening Spear is a one hit kill, especially if they are not wearing armor. With my Sorceror I felt very underpowered in the beginning of the game and I didn't start getting powerful till around level 70 or so.