First time dark souls, doesnt understand pvp, help?

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im on new game plus, soul level 230. im in the sun covenant, gathering sun medals. wound up with lots of souls. i've read somewhere u can only get invaded by people soul level +-10. so im afraid of levelling up more. what if there's nobody around my level? what if i got to level 700 in ng+6? anyway, im getting summoned here, and i got hosts that died quick, hosts that can hang around, and hosts that can fight harder than me. how does online work really? maybe getting summoned is different from invasion.

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Afaik invasions work within the same boundaries as summons, you need to be within 10% of another players level to see their sign or have a risk of invasion (also you cannot be invaded if you defeat the area boss)

I have heard that the current NG+ soft cap for co-op players is 150, as for PvP I never dabble in it, but look for PvP forum topics and usually a soft level cap is thrown around. Choose to avoid it, or sit within it


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Summoning and invading are completely different (outside covenant signs like dragon eye or red soapstone). Yes, there is a +- 10, but there is also Soul Memory that needs to be taken into play (nor NG normal from what I know thus far). The range is 10 lvls and around 50k SM. As for players online, some play solely for PVP, some for fun and the story, experience vs players/mobs will reflect this.

A very useful link here for anything DS2, starting with the online aspect. Most is fairly vague, but more content is added all the time.