Can't play Online. Require Ethernet Cable?

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Hi, Im trying to play the game online, but for some reason it is asking for an Ethernet cable. I have my PS3 connected to a wireless connection.

I'm finding this frustrating, as well a disappointing if I need a cable.

Any thoughts?

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I can sign into the PSN easily, and my connection 100%. Still won't let me play Online Mode without one. Can't even accept the agreement, before the No Ethernet Cable Connection Prompt.

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I'm playing on my wireless network right now. Sorry you're having this issue. Not sure what the deal is.

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Don't worry you aren't the only one having problems. I was able to play online at first with my Ethernet cable and then in the middle of my game it suddenly said that I was disconnected from the Dark Souls 2 servers. I didn't mind for awhile and then I decided to restart my dark souls to log in and have yet to get it to work and my game has been broken ever since I quit where my armor makes me invisible and unable to attack and all the enemies just stand still and get killed.