Are you finding the bosses easy for the most part? (Poll)

Posted by crapachino (46 posts) 8 months, 15 days ago

Poll: Are you finding the bosses easy for the most part? (Poll) (9 votes)

Yes, I've never played another Souls game 0%
Yes, I've wasted many days of my life playing the Souls games 78%
No, I've never played another Souls game 0%
No, I've played a lot of the other Souls games 22%

I fall in the second category. Though, even after playing Dark Souls 1 for many, many hours the DLC was still incredibly challenging (Manus took me a full day to beat, I still rage just thinking about it lol).

This game on the other hand, I beat any given boss on the first or second try. The hardest was the Last Giant who I died a good 4 or 5 times on. It is taking the huge sigh of satisfaction out of the game completely IMO. Not only that but the bonfires every 10 feet is taking the tension out of exploring, which was something that made the first Dark Souls so awesome and unique. Really unlike anything I had played before.

Though, I'm not sure if it is because I've played a lot of Dark Souls 1 or if this game is really dumbed down. I'm leaning towards the latter. That being said though, Dark Souls 2 is still an excellent game (I also still haven't tried it with the 'Legendary' difficulty).


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I completely agree, lol I have already maxed the game (all achievements) in 2 weeks. The only issue I had was the Lost sinner on NG+ and higher where I had a 3v1 odds.

Only 1 issue with the votes though…they are hard to answer, you are asking two questions and giving zero answers to the one you provided.

So, the answers (I'm guessing) are...

  • yes they are easier, even if one has never played it before? (how does that even work?)
  • yes they are easier, and are a waste of one's time playing all the Souls games? (how this makes sense in regard to DS2's bosses, idk…)
  • no they are harder, and one has never played another Souls game? (how would they know then?)
  • no they are harder, and one has played other Souls games? (so in comparison?)

I'm not trying to me mean, just trying to understand the question. Please clarify a little.

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I just wanted to see if people are finding the bosses easy, and if they have or haven't played a Souls game before. What I'm guessing is people who find the bosses easy are those who have put a lot of time in Souls games, so they are already use to the mechanics of the game.

In other words, is it only the people who have played the Souls games before which are finding the bosses easy? Or are they (somewhat) easy for everyone? I see how the question makes it confusing, my bad.

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Yes.. definitely. The first dark souls was a lot harder.

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(Dark Souls ) Four kings NG + > Dark Souls II all bosses NG +