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-shittier rules

-lack of many essential features

-lack of smaller nice features

-community running away

-over two months of this shit


-Synthia or Lark refusing to comment or acknowledge this but still on Twitter posting away

Where are the damage controlling mods?

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out having coffee while fixing bugs. hopefully.

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Blabadon I was going to reply earlier but the stuff I was going to say was not the right answer

We are around, but we had no Guidance since the we are going off of what we know. I cant give you all the info as its a Breach but, what I will say is that our Presence should be more then Known in the coming of 2014.

Syn and Lark are always very busy fixing Bugs, working on ideas with Snakpack and the others to get the site all and up we have new plans for the Ranks and Achievements that we are sure you should like

just Report any Problems via the Flag Feature or Send the Mod Team a PM and we will Respond

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guess I was wrong.