You can't edit the title on a poll thread?

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#1 Posted by Master_Live (15412 posts) -

WTF? I made a mistake on my title and now can't seem to be able to edited? What's up with that?

#2 Posted by BranKetra (49390 posts) -

You are unable to alter a blog or blog thread title as well. You cannot even delete blogs.

#3 Posted by leon2365 (13087 posts) -

better choose our words wisely until they fix that then.

#4 Posted by Master_Live (15412 posts) -

*deep breath* Ok.

#5 Posted by s_h_a_d_o (1296 posts) -

@BranKetra said:

You cannot even delete blogs.

Gorram myopic coders! ):|

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watch those titles for typos.