Wrong PES 2013 coverbox image for PS3

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#1 Posted by hg5 (67 posts) -

Hello, I'm reporting that the PS3 coverbox for "PES 2013" is wrong, you can check it here:


Could you please fix it?


#2 Posted by Gajan-K (2364 posts) -

There seemed to have been some weird issue where it was pulling last year's boxshot but we've fixed the problem so it should all be good now. Thanks for the heads up on this issue!:)

#3 Posted by hg5 (67 posts) -

I'm sorry, I still see "PES 2012" cover for PS3 version of the game, I know it's a little issues, yet...

I log from Italy (Europe).

#4 Posted by gmax (6862 posts) -
When you first posted I also saw the "2012" box image, but now I see the "2013" box image. I'm in the US, so I don't know if this is region-related or not. It may be a caching issue of some kind. If you have not tried it already, try clearing your browser's cache to see if that helps.

#5 Posted by kkee (1728 posts) -

As you're from Europe, you should see thishttp://uk.gamespot.com/pages/image_viewer/boxshot.php?pid=668444, which is the box art I can see (I'm in the UK).

#6 Posted by hg5 (67 posts) -
I think it was a cache related issue, thank you for your support.