Why was my review flagged...?

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(btw, I couldn't properly link that because GS is a glitchy piece of shit)

Anyway, it tells me that my review has been flagged. Why? I am confused.

Also, because GlitchSpot is a piece of shit, I had to track down my own review via the entire user review list. I am sure that you know why, by now. It is the only one of my reviews that I can actually find. But, that is not what this thread is about. I just wanna know why it was flagged.

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Seriously? SERIOUSLY?

637 people have viewed this thread, and not a single god damned one had ANYTHING to say? REALLY?

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I believe anyone can flag any review - though it probably shouldn't be telling you that they have, especially seen as it's essentially the same thing as flagging someone on the forums - it just informs the moderator team.

Edit: The flag should now be gone, the reviews queue is playing up a little but thankfully isn't actually broken, just took me a little while to get to it in the queue.

There's a known bug involving a ratings and reviews - reviews are being incorrectly listed as ratings unless they've been edited/created since the new site went up and ratings made prior to the new site going up no longer display on your profile at all. We're just waiting on a fix for those ones but it's mainly a side-effect of the transfer to a new site server and the old and new systems not merging quite as intended.