Why so many adds at every trailer or any simple movie we try to watch?

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#1 Posted by El_BonNeR (67 posts) -

Ok I get it you make money out of them, but jeez THERE ARE TOO MANY at every little tiny trailer I wanna watch is an add....I am dissapointed on this games site, I will go now and search for another one, all this adds made me go crazy....

#2 Posted by Rattlesnake_8 (18418 posts) -
I have to agree.. it has become ridiculous. Ad banner at the top of the page, an ad top right of the page, then an ad before EVERY video you try to watch.. when you watch E3 and the stream goes out and you try to reconnect you have to sit through another long ad... terrible,
#3 Posted by pawq4 (448 posts) -

adblock plus...

problem solved